Bhabhi Ne Sikhai Pehle Chudai

Hi this is vicky again from jaipu ,Presently i m workin as a Manager in a reputed firm in Jaipur ,i got a tremendous response from the visitors of this site, thru mails n phone calls and i m thankful to them , if any girl or lady of JAIPUR or around jaipur wanaa meet me orshare his prob wid me then she can mail me at, i assure u u will get an prominent sol about ur problem,now without wastingthe time i shuld start the story This happened when I had just completed my 20 years.i used to stay with my cousin bro n his family ,My elder brother had got married a year ago. We are two brothers and a sister who is already married. My cousins parents are very religious kind and were always busy in religious activities. My brother was doing garment business and I was studying in college.My Bhabhi liked me very much, because I was the only one to whom she could talk in home when brother was away on duty or touring. She looked after me very affectionately and gave me every emotional support and care, and I felt at ease even in my parents' absence. She was very nice to me. She called me 'Lala' which means brother-in-law. I always liked her proximity, as she was so beautiful with long black hair, fair skin, about 5'5" and a nice figure. Her bust size must have been around 38. I liked to see the shape of her boobs and was always seeking chances to get a glimpse of her mammary glands whenever she bent forward and the Pallu of her Sari slid off.This incident occurred when my brother had to go on a business tour for the first time after marriage and his Parents had gone to visit Haridwar on pilgrimage for a month and Bhabhi was carrying out the responsibility of running the house. Brother told me to stay home most of the time studying as my exams were approaching and by so Bhabhi will also not feel lonely. Next day he caught the first bus and went off on his journey. We both went to see him off at the bus-stand.Bhabhi was very happy that day. When we reached home she called me in her room and said that I should sleep in her room for the time my brother was away. She told me to take my books there to study. I was so happy to hear that and immediately shifted my study table and some books in her room. She cooked and we ate. Then she gave me fruits to eat. While giving me the fruits, she squeezed my hand in a passionate manner and smiled. I blushed as I sensed this smile was different from the usual one. This was a mischievous smile.After dinner she went to her bed and I went to my study table. Those were summer days and it was quite hot that day. I put off my shirt and banyan and sat there only in trousers. There was a mirror on the wall above the table and I was watching Bhabhi in the mirror. She was removing her sari and then she looked towards me. She could not think that I was watching her reflection. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. I saw her well-developed breasts partially held by the while laced bra. Her boobs were extra large and the brassier she wore was not able to hold them properly.She went to the bed and lay on it flat, covered her breasts with a see through dupatta. For a second I desired to look at her but then thought it was not good to do so and I kept my eyes on my book. She was sleeping. Dupatta gave way and now her round and solid breasts were clearly visible, moving up and down as she was taking deep breaths. It was almost 12 p.m. When I closed my book and was about to put off the lights when I suddenly heard her low vibrating voice. 'Lala, yahan aao.' I stepped towards her. She had, by now covered her breasts again with the dupatta. 'Kya hai Bhabhi ?' I said politely. 'Lala, mere saath so jao na. Hum thodi der baat karenge phir tum apne bister pe jaake so jaana.' She suggested.First I hesitated and then agreed. I used to sleep with my undy only, and now I was feeling difficulty in sleeping with trousers. She guessed very correctly and to my astonishment she said, 'Koi baat nahi, Lala. Tum apni pant utaar do aur jaise roj sote ho waise hi mere paas so jaao. Sharmao mat. Aao na.'I couldn't believe my luck. Switching the light off and putting the night lamp on, I went to the bed beside her. I was now lying down next to the half-naked body I kept admiring for months. I could clearly see her boobs from an angle where they looked almost naked as only a small portion covered by her bra. The view was fantastic. 'Itne mahino se mai akeli kabhi soi nahi na, is liye ab aadat nahi hai akele sone ki.' She explained. 'Aur mai kabhi kisi ke saath is tarah soya nahi.' I could hardly find words. 'Anubhav le lena chahiye. Kaam aayega,' she giggled and held my hand slowly pulling it towards her. She then placed it on her thumping breasts. My breathing sped up. I could not speak a word but I kept my hand as it was placed.'Mujhe yahan kuchh khuja raha hai. Thoda sahalao na.' I started rubbing her breasts from above her bra. She took my hand and pushed it under the cup of the bra. I inserted my hand all the way inside the bra and started rubbing the flesh vigorously. My palm felt her chuchchi (nipple) getting hard. The feel of the soft flesh was great but at the same time I was having some difficulty in moving my hand inside the bra cup.Suddenly she turned her back to me and said, 'Lala, ye angiya (bra) ki hook khol do.' I obeyed and with trembling hands removed the catch of the brassier, which she pulled off her body and threw it on the floor. She took my hands and placed them again on her bare chhati and said, 'Thoda aur dabao na.' I, in a fit of excitement, went on to enjoy playing with her milk-pots. They were round, big and firm with dark brown inch-long nipples. First time I had touched the soft roundness of a fully-grown woman. Bhabhi was also enjoying my kneading and squeezing of her breasts. My lund was getting hard. I was wearing only the underwear and my 7.5" lund was now forcing its way out. I got full erection. As I was playing with her boobs and nipples, I had come close to her body and was slightly on my side. That made my lund to poke in her thigh. She all of a sudden said, 'Lala, ye meri tangon ko kya chubh raha hai?' I was getting bolder now, 'Yeh mera hathiyaar hai. Tumne bhaiya ka to dekha hoga na?' 'Haath laga ke dekhun?' she asked but before I could reply she placed her hand on the bulge and felt my erect lund. She closed her fingers around the length and held it tight. 'Baap re! Ye to bahut kadak hai,' she said and turned towards me. She slid her hand inside the underwear and took my throbbing lund out from above the elastic waistband. Gripping it, she moved her hand along the length of the shaft down pulling the foreskin and bringing the supada (cock-head) out in the clear. She stared at the size and shape of my lund in astonishment. 'Lala! Kahan chhupa ke rakha tha ise itne din?' she asked. 'Yahin to tha tumhare saamne. Magar tumne kabhi dhyaan hi nahi diya.' 'Mujhe kya pata tha tumhara itna bada hai. Chhote bhai ka lauda bade bhai ke lauday se bada ho sakta hai maine socha bhi nahin tha.' I was both surprised and amused by her bindaas language when she used the word 'lauda' for the cock. She was squeezing and pulling my lund hard in her hand. She then pulled her petticoat above her waist and started rubbing my erect lund between her legs. She turned towards me for better grip of my lund. Her boobs were close to my face. I was pressing both of them together with my hands. Suddenly she smashed her breasts in my face and said, 'inko chooso, mu me leke.' I took a mouthful of her left doodh and sucked it hard. Released it for a moment and said, 'mai hamesha tumhare blouse me kase tumhare mamme dekhta aur hairan hota. Unko chhune ki tamanna karta aur choosne ki kalpana karta. Tum nahi jaanti Bhabhi, mere lund ko kitna pareshaan kiya hai tumne.' 'Achha? To phir aaj apni kalpana ko roop dedo. Jee bhar ke chooso aur dabao.' My tongue could feel her Hard nipple. I twirled my tongue around her jutting nipples. Then I took her right doodh in my mouth and gave it the same treatment. I was gripping both her mangoes in my hands and sucking them one by one so as to squeeze all the aamras from them. She was pulling at my lund and was snuggling close to me. She put her left leg on my thigh and brought my lund between her legs. I could feel some silky sensation between her legs, which was nothing but her pubic zone. She was not wearing panties! The tip of my lund was wandering in the jungle of pubic hair. I was loosing my patience. 'Bhabhi, mujhe kuchh ho raha hai....mai apne aape me nahi hun. Please mujhe batao mai kya karoon?' I heard myself saying. 'Tumne kabhi kisi ladki ko choda nahi aaj tak?' 'Nahi.' 'Itna tagda lauda leke bhi kuchh nahi kiya? Kitne dukh ki bat hai. Shaadi tak aise hi rahna chahte ho kya?' What could I say? I found no words and kept looking at her. She brought her face close to mine and whispered, "apni Bhabhi ko chodoge?" "K.kyun nahin.." I managed to say with dry throat. She smiled seductively and releasing my lund said, "theek hai. Apni chaddi utaar ke poore nange ho jaao." I got gown from the cot and took my underwear off. With my lund standing erect I stood there fully nude in front of my half nude Bhabhi. She leered at my manhood and then pulled the string of her pettycoat to loosen it. "ise bhi utaar do!" I tugged at her only garment and it came off as she raised her hips. She spread her legs and I got a good view of her exposed choot surrounded by her small 'jhaant ke baal'. I was so excited to see her nude body glistening in the dim light, lying there showing all her body parts like a goddess of chudaai. Then she told me to climb her. I came on top of her. She put her arms around my shoulder and embraced me. Our bodies met. My lund was poking her flesh, her boobs were getting crushed under my chest and our lips met. We kissed tenderly for the first time and then passionately. I rubbed my lips and cheeks all over her face roughly. Moving her hands from my back and shoulder she held my head and pushed it downwards. I brought my lips from her lips to her chin, throat, shoulders and her boobs. I took them in my mouth and sucked her nipples. I went on to play with them once again nibbling, squeezing and kneading them. She rotated lower part of her body to wriggle it out from mine. With our legs diverging from each other she put her right hand under my body and reached for my tool. She clutched it and started jerking it. Then with her left hand she took my right hand and brought it between her legs. As my right hand found her choot she rubbed it over her clit. Taking the cue from her I started rubbing her choot as I continued sucking her doodhs. "Lala! Ungali andar daalo na," saying so she pressed my fingers on the opening. I forced my forefinger in the slit of her phuddi and it went in. It was a great feeling as my finger wandered inside rubbing the inner walls of her choot. The contracting action of her choot was squeezing my finger and it was feeling the warmth and moistness. She gave a loud moan as my finger hit 'choot ka daana' (clitoris). After some time I took my finger out and again climbed on top of her body. She opened her legs apart and taking my throbbing lund in her hand placed its tip on the opening of her choot. The touch of her thick pubic hair was maddening me. 'Ab, apna lauda meri bur me ghusao.. Dheere se... Pyaar se. Nahi to mujhe dard hoga. Aaaaaahhhhh!' I found it difficult at first, being a novice, and tried to thrust my lund into her tight phuddi. It hurt her a bit. But as her choot was already wet due to my finger insertion and as she guided slowly holding my lund in her hand, it found the opening. With one thrust the cock-head was in. The feeling was exhilarating. Bhabhi could not get time to change her side or move before the second thrust send the total length of my erection inside the paradise zone of her choot. 'Uiiii maa... Oooooh... Lala, aise hi raho kuchh der. Hilna nahi.' Bhabhi was probably in pain having a bigger and thicker lund inside her as compared to earlier Experiences. I waited with my lund fully inside her choot. I was feeling the walls of her choot constricting the length of my lauda. I watched her boobs protruding from her body and pointing towards me. I reached for them and held them in my grip. As I started squeezing her amorous milk-pots her hip started moving. 'Lala !! Shuru karo. Mujhe chodo...' She had her hands on the sides of my gaand and was trying to push towards and then away from her. I started the in and out motion. Slowly first and as I got the judgement, the pace increased. I was now fucking her like a man, with vigor and valor. Bhabhi was also reciprocating. Writhing and gyrating under my spell. Room was filled with her moaning, ' oooooh!!! Mar gayee re! Laaaala, chod re chod, uiiiii maaaaa' and my grunting, 'hmm hmm hmmm, le Bhabhi le, mera lund le, 'I was equally enjoying the expressions on her face. I could see a combination of pain and ecstasy on her face. She was taking all my might with gritting teeth and sparkling eyes. I felt I was riding a volcano and then all of a sudden the molten lava burst out of the volcano mouth. She encircled me in her open arms and clung to me very tightly, squeezing me with her maximum force as we climaxed. I felt my lund exploding and filling her choot with my cum. We were both exhausted and tired. 'Uff Lala, tumne to kamaal kar diya,' she whispered in my ear. 'Kamaal to aapne kiya hai Bhabhi. Aapke protsahan se hi mai ye kaam kar saka.' And I kissed her on her hot vibrating lips.We lay close and face to face. Her warm breath I could feel on my face. She was fondling my lund and the hanging andve (balls) below it. I inserted my finger in her choot and started stroking its inner walls. I was also sucking her nipples one by one. Soon we were hot again and ready to fuck. I mounted her once more and started the act of chudaai for the second time, That night we hardly slept. We fucked as many as three times and were very tired and feeling lethargic in the morning when I heard the alarm of my table time-piece. It was six o'clock in the morning. She looked at me, smiled and planted burning kiss on my lips and bit them a little. Then she asked me to sit on the table before she opened the door. I obeyed. She left the room and got herself busy in the daily chores with a beaming and satisfied face.I didn't go to college that day. After breakfast I kept studying till lunch. After lunch bb wearing a choli and lehnga came to my room and sat near me on the cot. She took the book from my hand and said, 'bahut jyada padhaai mat karo. Sehat par asar hoga' and she winked at me. I pulled her to me and kissed her on her lips. She responded by opening her mouth a bit taking my upper lip between her lips. It was a long and passionate kiss.'Tum kitni achhi ho, bb', I said, 'mujhe apni bur di. Mujhe chodna sikhaya. Bhaiya bhi tumhe aise hi chodte hain kya?' 'Chodte to hain lekin wo tumhare jitne taaqatwar nahin hain. Unka lauda bhi tumhare se chhota hai aur tumhare laude jitna mota bhi nahin hai. Bahut jaldi paani chhod dete hain aur turant so jaate hain. Magar mai pyaasi rah jaati hun aur raat bhar jalti hui bur liye jaagti rahti hun.' She said embracing me strongly and pulling my face to her bosom. I pressed my lips on her cleavage while my hands were moving on the back of her choli. I untied and made her choli loose. Then bringing my right hand in front I put it inside her choli from the loose bottom and cupped her left doodh. My left hand by now had travelled down to her gand and raising her lehnga had caught the right half of her chootar. She was not wearing anything underneath and my hand was squeezing the soft round and smooth flesh. My semi erect lund started getting hard. Bb put her right hand under my trousers' waistband and reached down to the 'Qutub Minar' soon. 'Lala, tumhara lauda bahut jordaar hai. Kitna kadak, kitna badaa aur mota. Raat ko jab maine ise dekha aur tumse chudwaane ka socha to pahle aisa laga ki ye meri bur phaad dega.' She was playing with my pubic hair and the pole in between. I had long thick pubic threads. She was crazy after that and enjoyed her weakness. After some time she took her hand out and pulled The naada of my trouser. She got up and removed her choli and then pulled my trouser. I raised my hips to let it slide out. My kadak lund was facing the ceiling as I sat on the cot watching bb's bobbing boobs. She kneeled in front of me and held my lund in her hand. She jerked it for a few seconds and suddenly brought her mouth on it and took it in. I was shocked. Never had ever dreamt that such thing happened. 'Bb ye kya kar rahi ho? Mera lund mu me kyon daal rahi ho?' 'Choosne ke liye, aur kahe ke liye. Tum aaram se baithe raho aur lund chuswaai ka mazaa lo. Ye sab to duniya me hota rehta hai', and she started to suck my lund as if it was an ice candy. It gave me a sensation hard to describe. I was on the seventh heaven. It didn't take long before I felt I will explode. I almost screamed, 'Bhaaaaaabheeeeee, mera paani chhootne wala haaai..' But she wouldn't listen and kept on sucking the lund. Soon when it became unbearable I shot my paani all over her face. Some of it fell on her doodhs. What a scene it was. My thick white juice was oozing out from her mouth, smeared on her lips, cheeks and glistening on her golden boobs. 'Kyon laala, mazaa aaya?' she asked while I wiped all the juice from her face and boobs with a piece of a cloth.'Bahut maza aaya, bb', I said. 'Ab tumhari baari hai.' 'Kya matlab?' I was a bit confused. 'Ab tum meri bur chaato', saying she raised her lehnga high enough to show her phuddi and stood so close to me that my face was only an inch away from it. I let my lips touch the lips of her choot. She held my head and pressed it on her crotch. I put my both hands behind her and held her gaand. I caressed her gaand with my hands and at the same time rubbed my lips all around her pubic area. 'Aaaaaah...', she moaned, 'jeebh se chaato ll....meri bur ko.apni jeebh meri bur ke andar daalo.' By this time I was getting mad from the erotic aroma of her choot and exotic touch of my lips on it. Without taking my mouth off her snatch I forced her to sit on the cot while I slid down on the floor. Bb spread herself on the cot giving me full access as I started licking her cunt-lips with my tongue. Then I forced my tongue to enter her choot and started licking the inside walls. Bb was writhing with pleasure and was pushing her choot against my tongue. 'Andar bahar karo..chodo...apni jeebh se meri bur ko chodo', bb kept instructing me. Getting the idea I then started fucking her choot with my tongue. I was now enjoying this oral form of chudaai. Bhabhi was nearing climax now. 'Aur tej karo.... Laalaa... Aur jor se karo., she kept shouting till she climaxed and I saw juice flowing out of her choot. My lund was rock hard again. I stood up and started stroking it with my hand. I wqanted fuck her again. As I started to mount her she stopped me. 'Bur me nahin ll, ise ab meri gaand me daalo', she said as she got up and sat on the cot. I was in for another surprise. 'Gaand me? Lekin bb...' I said but she interrupted me. 'Lala. Peechhe se chodna itna aasan nahin hai. Tumhe bahut taaqat lagaani hogi,' she said snatching my lund from my hand and stroking it herself. 'Aisa kyon?' I held her boobs and squeezed.'Kyonki, Lala, jub aurat uttejit hoti hai to uski choot geeli ho jaati hai. Is se lauda ghusaane me aasani ho jaati hai. Gaand me aisa nahin hota. Is liye laude ko ghusane me taqleef hoti hai. Lekin uska bhi ilaaj hai.''Wo kya?' I was eager to know. She smiled and went to her room and returned with a cream bottle in her hand. She opened the cream bottle. Removed some of the cream with her fingers and reached for my lund. She applied a good amount of the cream on my erect penis with her hand. It was now shining in the light. She then, gave the bottle to me and told me to apply the cream to her ass-hole. She then turned on her belly and I applied the cream on the inner side of her bum. Then I climbed on top of her from behind, put my lund on the opening and forced a little. There was no penetration. 'Nahin ghus raha hai.' I said. She widened her hole with her hands and asked me try again. This time I applied a little more force and got some success. One fourth of my lund went in with a great friction. I enjoyed that rub. I Applied little more force and pushed half of the lund in her. She cried -- 'Uee maa... Lala, dukhta hai.' But I , instead of retrieving, applied my full force and in one solid stroke my lund penetrated into her gaand and she released a muffled scream. I then went on to fuck her from behind. We enjoyed chudaai as long as brother was out of town. She was really great while giving me pleasure. We tried all possible positions like doggy, sixty nine, sitting, standing and fucked in every part of the house - in the bathroom having bath together, in the hall, bedroom, my study room, verandah and the kitchen. After my exams, I got a job in the city. I wept while leaving the house, parents and ... My sexy Bhabhi. But, then whenever brother came to the city, Bhabhi also accompanied him and stayed with me. Whenever we got chance we fucked and enjoyed maximum of each other's company

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Thori dare baad sumaira bahir aayi tu hum uss ko dekhke heraan reh gaye.uss ne black color ki qameez aur shlwar pehn rakhi thi.uss mein se uss ka white bra ssaf nazar aa rha tha aur us ke mammey khule gale se bahir aane ko betaab they.imran uss ko gorr se dekhne laga.side se dekhne pe pta chla tu us ne white panty pehn rakhi thi.uss ka gora jism saaf nazar aa raha tha. Thori dare baad sara aa gi aur uss ko dekh ke hum phir heraan reh gae.uss ne intahai bareek brown color ka suite pehn rakha tha jis mein se bleck bra nazar aa rha ke bara bare mummey dekh k emery munh mein pani aa gya.uss ka jism saaf nazar aa raha tha. Hum dono bi change ker ke aa gae hum ne bareek pajamey aur t shirt pehn rakhi thoein.mera lora khara hua tha aur sara gorr se mere lund ko dekhne lgi.zra dair baad hum bheeg chuke they.sara ke jism se kapra chipka hua tha aur us ka gora jism nazar aa rha tha.uss ke geele mammey deikh ke mera dil kiya ke pakr ker daba dalun.hum baarish mein khelte rahe aur baar baar mera jism sara ke jism se touch ho jata jis se muje boht mza aata.
Wo jab zameen pe jhuk jati tu uss ki gaand saf nazar aaney lgti.mera dil kiya ke iss ko pakar ke masal dalun. Imran bahane se sumaira ko humare ghar ki tarf le gya. Thori dair baad sara ne poocha ke wo dono kahan hein tu mein ne kaha ke wo thak gae hein aur room mein gae hein.phir baat iss trah hui.
Sara: hum bi bas krte hein aur aao room mein chalte hein. Mein peechey chal pra aur meri nazar uss ki gaand pe aur hath lund pe tha.mein ne socha ke aaj tu iss ko chod ke rahun ga.hum room mein aa gae. Sara ke kapron se paani beh rha tha. Mein ne kaha ke baarish ke paani se khaarish ho jati he.
Sara:tu kya karun naha lun. Mein ne kaha ke nahi foran nahi nahana chahye tum kapre utaar ker towel se jism saaf krlo.
Sara: mein aap ke saamne kapre nahi utaar skti.imran kya sochey ga.aur bura bi lagta he. Mein ne kaha ke kioi baat nahi tum tu meri behen jaisi ho. Aur saare kaprey na utaarna.sara ne shrarat se kaha
Sara: magar muje sharm aati he.iss trha kro tum utaar do.aur towel se saaf kr do.wo towel le aayi aur meri tarf munh ker ke khri ho gai.mein dheerey se uss ki qameez utaarne laga.uss ka jism nanga ho gya.phir mein ne uss ka bra bi khol diya. ab uss ke bare maamey aik dum bahir aa gae aur mein uss ke nange mammey dekh ke pagal ho gya aur towel se saaf krne laga.uss ke maamey mere hathon mein pure nahi aa rahe they.mein ne uss ke mammon ko daba diya.sara ne halki si siskari li.phir mein uss ke pait ko saaf krne laga aur neechey baith gya, ab uss ki choot merey saamne thi.mein uss ki balon se bagair choot deikh ke dang reh gya.choot ke hont aapis mein meley huey they aur pink color ke they.mein ne uss ki thighs ko saaf kiya. Aur wo munh morr ke khri ho gae.ab uss ki bari aur moti gaand merey saamne thi. Mein uss ki nangi gaand pehli dafa deikh raha tha.uss ki gaand bilkul gori thi aur peechey ko nikli hui thi. Dil kiya ke abi uss ki gaand mein lora daal dun aur khub chodun. Mein ne aik haath se apne kaprey utaar diye.mera 9” ka lora full thight ho chuka tha.mein khra ho gya aur peechey se uss ke mammon pe hath pherney laga. Mera lora uss ki gaand se touch ho gya.magar wo khri rhi. Mein ne aaista se apne lorey ko dabaya aur wo usss ki gaand ke beech mein dab gya. Wo mazay se krah uthi aur mein uss ke boobs pe hath pherney laga.uss ke nipple merey haton mein they mein ne nipple ko daba diya aur wo siskne lagi.
Achanak bigli chamki aur wo murr ke merey gaale lag gae.
Sara: muje bijli ki karak se darr lagta he, mein ne uss ko bahon mein jakar liya aur kaha ke dro matt mein hun na.
Usske maaey merey seeney se lage huey they aur mere seeney mein jaise aag lag gai.muje laga ke sara ka jism garam ho raha he.mein ne uss ke honton pe apne hont rakh diye.
Sara : choro muje ye kya ker rahe ho. Uss ne phir kehney ke munh khola aur mein ne phir uss ke hont pe hont rakh diye aur uss ke munh mein zuban daal di.pehle tu wo machli magar phir uss ne mera sath dena shru krr diya.sara full garam ho chuki thi.mein phir uss ke gaale ko chaata hua uss ke boobs pe aaya aur nipple apne munh mein daal diya. wo mazay se krah uthi aur mera sar apne jism mein dabane lagi. Mere haath us ki gaand ko masal rahe they mein ne apna lora uss ki tangon ke beech dall diya. mein ne hathon se uss ki hips kholein aur apna lora uss ki gaand aur choot pe ragarne laga aisa karney se uss ko mza aane laga aur wo ageeb si awazein nikaalne lagi thori dair baad wo faarig ho gai uss ki choot ne pani chor diya, us ne apne tangein bhench lein. Pani merey lorey pe laga aur mera lora uss ki tangon mein asaani se aage peechey honey laga.wo phir garam ho gai.
Sara: mere neechey aag lagi hui he plz kutch kro iss ka.
Mein ne uss ko whin litaya aur aik takya le aaya.mein ne uss ko ulta litaya aur uss ki gaand ke neechey takya rakh diya. uss ki bari bari gaand merey lund ke saamne thi.wo pehle hi peechey nikli hui thi ab aur upre ho gae.uss ki gaand moty hips mein thi aur nazar nahi aarhi thi.mein ne uss ko apne haton se gaand kholne ko kaha.uss ne gaand ko khola aur aik khubsurat sa tang hole mere saamne tha.mein ne apne lund pe thook lagaya aur uss ki gaand pe lgaya aur apne lund pe bhi.aur uss ki gaand pe masalney laga.
Sara: plz muj se bardasht nahi ho raha . iss ko undre daal do plz.
Mein ne thora sa dhaka lagya aur topi undre chali gai. Sara ke munh se chekh nikli aur wo darad ke maare teizi se saans laney lgi.mein thori dare pra raha aur mein ne phir aik dhaka lagaya tu mera aadha lund uss ki gaand ko cheerta hua undre chala gya. Uss ki faand phatt gai uss cheekh nikliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah marrrr gai mein…….aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! bas kro dard ho raha he bahir nikalo issko. Mein ne apna jism dheela chorr diya.aur kutch dare para raha . wo sakoon mein aayi aur mein apna lora aage peechey krney laga.phir uss ko maza aane laga aur mein ne aik aur dhaka lagaya aur apna pura lund uss ki gaand mein ghusa diya. dard se sara ne aankhein band krr lein aur wo zorr se chilaane lagi. Mein apna lora dheeerey se aage peechey krne laga. Aaeahsa aahesta uss ko mza aane lga aur wo gaand utha utha ke mera sath deney lagi.mein ne uss ko tezi se chodna shru ker diya. merey dhakon aur uss ki cheekhon mein shidat aagai aur wo mazay se kabi cheekhti aur kabi aur teezi se krne ko kehti iss beech wo farig ho gai thi aur thori dare baad mere lund ne apna paani chor diya.aur mein side pe lait gya. Uss ki gaand phat gai thi aur dard kr rahi thi.
Wo uthi aur apni gaand ko hath lagya tu apna khoon nikla dekh ke gabra gai aur rone lagi. Mein ne towel se uss ki gaand ko saaf kiya. Aur apna hath uss ki gaand pe aaieshta se masalne laga. Uss ki aankhein dard se band thien
Mera hath uss ki choot pe chala gya, thori dare baad meinn e uss ki choot pe munh rakhh diya aur chaatney laga. Ab wo phir garam ho gai aur boli uss ki choot mein aag lagi hui he iss ko khatam kro. Mein ja ke oil utha laya aur ddhair sara oil uss ki choot aur apne lorey pe laya ab mein ne uss ko utha ke apni tarf munh krr ke bitha diya aur uss ki tangon ke beech baith gya.mein ne apna lora uss ki choot pe rakh diya aur halka sa dabaya. Wo maza leney lagi. Phir meinne uss ko halka sa dhaka lagaya aur lund ki topi undre chali gai. Wo cheekh uthi. meinne uss ko bahon mein jakar ker galle lagaya aur apni zuban uss ke munh mein daal di.ab mein ne aik dhaka lagaya aur apna aadha lora uss ki choot mein daal diya. uss ki choot phatt gai aur khoon nikalne laga. Uss ki cheekh munh mein reh gai.wo dard se behaal ho gai.ab mein ne aik aakhri dhaka lagaya aur aur apna pura lora undre ker diya. uss ki tu jaise aankhein bahir aa gein. Uss ki aankhon se aansu nikal aaye. Mein ne thori dare sabar kiya aur phir aaista se apna lora aage peechey krne laga.thori dair baad uss ko bi maza aane laga aur aur wo mera jism undre ko dabane lagi. Mein ne usske munh se munh hata liya uss ki dard aur mazey se mili juli aawazein nikal rahi thein. Merey dhakey taiz hotey gae aur uss ki taiz cheekein sunn ke muj pe janoon taari ho gya. Is beech wo aik dafa faarig ho gai uss ki choot ka pani lagne se mera lora aur taiz ho gya aur wo mazeed karahne lage ab issi tarah mein ne uss ko mazeed 10 min tak choda aur phir hum aage peechey faarig huey. Hum phir side mein lait gai. Wo buri tarah haanp rahi thi.wo uthi tu langra ke chal rahi thi mein uss ko sahara de krr bath room le gya aur wahan ja ke uss ka khoon saaf kiya. Hum aik saath nahaane lage. Bathroom mein bi mein ne uss ko 2 dafa choda.
Ab wo thek se chal nahi paa rhi thi. Udhar imran ne bi sumaira ko room mein le jaane ke baad bahane se garam kiya aur phir uss ko chod dala tha. Hum 2 din tak donoo ko issi tarah se buri tarah chodte rahe. 3rd din hum ne aik dusre ki behnon ko aik dusre ke saamne choda aur boht maza aaya. 4th din hamare parents wapis aaye Ab hamari routine ban gai jab bi moqa milta tu hum dono cousin aik dusre ki behnon ko aik hi room mein chudai krtey hein aur wo mazay se chudwati hein….

Aunty Ki Choot aor Gaand Chaati

Hello dear chootwalio aur apna lund haath me lekar mooth marne walo ko mera salam to dosto umeed karta hoo ki apko mere send kari hui sabhi stories pasand ayee hongi aur muzhe bahut sare dosto ka response bhi mila, to aaj main aap ke samne apni ek real story sunane ja raha ho jo ki mere pados me rahene wali punjaban aunty ke sath sex ki hai sabse pahale unke bare me bata doo aunty ka naam saruchi hai unki age 36 ki aur figure 36-38-36 aur dekne me bahut sexy lagti hai bat un dino ki hai mere ghar wale gaon me taoji ke ladke ki shadi hone ki wajah se shadi me gaye hua they aur main office me chutthi na milne ki wajah se ja nahi paya ( meri age 21 thi) aur meri nayi job lagi thi saruchi anty hamare pados me rahti thi to ek din jab me office se ghar pahucha to aunty ne muzhe bulaya bittoo ( my nick name) jara aana to main unke paas chala gaya anty ne kaha ki khana yahan kha lena kyonki ghra par to koi bhi nahi thaa isliye maine unki bat maan li aur unhe yeh kah kar ki main freshj ho kar ata hoo
To dosto aunty ke husband bank me service karte they aur aunty ne batya tha ki tere uncle teen din baad ayenge aur unke do kids ek ladka aur ek ladki they. Jab main unke ghar pahucha to aunty ne bahut sexy se nighty pahani huia this aur usme bahut sunder lag rahi thee maine bacho ke bare me pucha to aunty ne kaha ki wo so gaye hai kyonki subah jaldi school jana hota hai.aunty ne khana lagay aur main dinner karne kle baad jane ko kaha to aunty ne kaha ki aaj thodi der yahi rah jao muzhe dar lag raha hai aur tumhare uncle bhi nahi hai maine unki bat maan li aur tv dekhne lag gaya magar tv par khas progrram na aane kei wajah aunty ne kaha ki cd playar par moovie laga deti hoo aur unhone cd laga di to maine dekha wo ek blue film thi maine aunty se kaha ki yeh kya hai aunty ne kaha ki tera man nahi karta es tarah ki film delkne ka maine haa kar di main film dekh kar halat kahrab ho rahi thi maine aunty ke sath sofe par jaa kar baith gaya aur halke se unko haath firya to vo muzh se chipat gayi aur muzhe se kahne lagi kabhi kisi ladki ko choda hai mnaine kaha ke ladki ko nahi choda magar chodne ki bahut icha karti hai to aunty ne kaha ki maine tumhe batati ho kaise karte hai sabse pahale hum dono ne apne kapde utar diya aur sirf under garment hi badan par rahe
Mera lund tan kar khada ho gaya tha maine kaha aunty kya karna hai to unhone kaha ki muzhe mere naam se bulao manine kaha maine tumhe saru bulaonga maine kaha saru darling kay karana hai unhone apne bopobs ki taraf ishara kiya ki inhe press karo unko dabne me bahut maza ayay aur udhar film me maine dekha ki ek admi aurat ki choot chat raha tha aur doosra admi usi aurat ki gaand chat raha tha maine bhi saru se kaha ki main bhi aise hi karna chahta hoo aur maine aunty kio garam gili choot ki sucking kari bahut maza ayaa 15 minut tak sucking karne ke baad saru ne kaha mere raja meri gaand chato maine jhat se gand ka ched chora kar apni jeev dal kar chatni suru kar di muzhe bahut maza aya autr 15 minute tak chatne ke baad saru darlkingh ne kaha raja aaj tumne muzje jannat ka maza diya meriu gaaand aaj tak kisi ne nahi cjhati thi mere raj aaj tumne muzhe bahut maza diyta hai aut saru ne mere lund ko mooh me lekar chosne lagi aur kuch der baad usne apni choot ki taradf ishara kiy ato manine ek jhatke me laund pael diya aur 20 -25 miunute tak tabrtod dhake mare is bioch saru teen baar jhad chooki thi aur 25 minutre bad maine bhi apna sara cum saru ki choot me chod diya uske baad maine saru darling ko char bar chot chodi aur 2 baar gannad mari aur agle teewn dino tak jab tak uncle nahi aye maine kam se kam 20 baar saro ko choda to dosto KAISI LAGI MERI KAHANI PLESE SEND ME COMMENTS ON MY MAIL 

Ajnabi Humsafer

Phir main ney socha mujhay bhi apni kahani share kerni chahiye. Yeah meri first story hai agar koi mistake ho jaye to sorry in advance ok? tou mera naam Adil hay. Main gujranwala kay aik town se belong kerta hoon. 5'7'' tall hoon. color white handsom aor goodlooking hoon. mera lund 7'' long aor 5'' thick hai. ab main aata hoon asal kahani ki taraf. mujhay sex bohat pasand hai. aor main porn movies bhi bohat shauk se dekhta hoon. main ney graduation aor saath main graphic designing deploma holder hoon. So mujhy Lahore city main aik acchi se job mil chuki thi. Chunkay meri family Gujranwala main rehti hai issiliye main ney Lahore main aik room rent per liya hua hai. yeh koi 1 saal pehlay ki baat hai. main apnay family se mil ker wapis lahore aaraha tha. us din halki halki barish bhi ho rahi thi. main jiss waqt bus main sawar hua us waqt sirf aik hi seat khali thi or uss seat kay saath hi aik ladki baithi hui thi jiss ney naqab kya hua tha. FC ney mujhay wahan baithnay ko kaha takay jaldi se lahore ki taraf rawana ho sakain. well.... main uss ladki kay saath baith gaya. Safar tou shuru hua jo kay meray liye tou aik sohana safar tha. main uss ladki kay badan ki garmi mehsoos ker raha tha. chunkay halki sardi main yea garmi ohhh .... aik ajeeb sa nasha tha. aor uss ke badan ki iss garmi se main bhi garam ho raha tha. kabhi kabhi jab bus main jhatka lagta tou main jaan poojh ker uss kay aor qareeb ho jata. uss ladki nay kai martaba apni nasheeli aankhon se meri taraf dekha bhi. anyway... main ney ahista ahista uss ladki ki thighs ko apni fingers se touch kerna shuru ker diya. Laikin main darr bhi raha tha kay kahien bus main koi hungama na khara ho jaye. laikin kai martaba meri taraf dekhnay kay bawjood uss ney kuch nahin kaha tou mera hosla aor barh gaya. Main ney tou ab poora haath uss kay shawl kay under se uss ki thigh per pherna shuru ker diya. aor uss ki garmi ko apnay haath se mehsoos kernay laga. Woh ab garam ho chuki thi. aor uss ki khamoshi mazeed aagay badhnay kayliye green signel tha. main apna haath reengta hua mazeed aagay badhanay laga. aor ab uss ki qameez kay neechay se hota hua uss ki choot ki teraf barhnay laga. main uss ki teraf dekha tou woh aankhain band kiye huay thi. Ofcourse mazay lay rahi thi. phir main bilkul uss ki shalwar agay se neechi ker kay uss ki choot per ugay cchotay cchotay hairs ko cchonay laga. yeah sab kuch main uss ki shawl ki neechay se ker raha tha iss liye koi dekh nahi sakta tha. aor waisay bhi shaam honay wali thi. Anyway mera lund tou already khada ho chuka tha. laikin main ney koshish ker kay apnay is figure ko chupaye rakha. ab main uss ladki ki choot ko touch kernay laga. uss waqt meri haalat bhi aisi thi jaisay mera brain sunnn ho gaya ho. mujhay kuch sunai nahin day raha tha. Siwaye uss ladki ki halki halki siskiyon ki.. Ab main ney mazeed peshraft kertay huay uss ki chikni choot main fingering kerni shuru ker di. tou uss ladki nay aik damm mera haath pakad liya.... Oh God! main samjha ab meri khair nahin...... Laikin uss ney mujhay roknay kayliye nahin balkay mast ho ker mazay main pakda tha.... kyunki haath pakadtay ki saath hi uss ney mujhay nashay aor khumar bhari aankhon se dekha....aor mera haath pakad ker khud apni choot per ragarney lagi... main bohat khush hua.... ab main uss ki choot kay under bahir ker raha tha apni fingers.....phir main mehsoos kiya kay uss nay paani cchor diya hai...mera haath uss ki choot kay paani se bhar gaya...main uss hi ki shalwar se haath saaf kiya... aor woh jaisay thakay huay musafar ki terhan apna head meray shoulder se tika diya. chunkay woh window ki side per thi iss liye koi mehsoos nahin ker sakta tha... well... uss nay aankhain band ker dien aor meray shoulder se tikk ker jaisay so gai. aor waisay bhi Lahore aanay wala tha. Aor ajeeb baat itna kuch ho janay kay bawjood hum nay aik doosray se koi baat abhi tak nahi ki. Lahore aanay takk hum yoonhi baithay rahay. Phir jab humara stop aaya tou sab passengers utarnay lagay main ney bhi ussi uthaya aor kaha humara Stop aa gaya hai. uss nay aankhain kholien aor apna saman uthanay lagi. Bus se utar ker main khara ho gaya. meray peechay peechay woh bhi utri. Meri tarah woh bhi khari ho gai. mujhay nahin maloom tha uss nay kahan jana hai. anyway ... main ney uss poocha aap ney kahan jana hai. uss nay bataya Iqbal Town. Jabkay main ney Sadar Bazar Jana tha. Main ney usay offer ki kya main aap ko cchor aaoon. uss ney kaha theek hai. main ney kaha pehlay mujhay apney ghar jana ho ga takay main apna bag wahan rakh doon. kyunki Iqbal town aagay tha. uss nay kaha theek hai. Phir main ney aik auto liya aor Sadar Bazar pohanchay. main usay apnay saath apnay room main lay aaya. main ney uss se poocha aap nay mind tou nahin kya jo kuch main ney safar kay dooran kia. Uss nay kaha nahin. Main khush ho gaya. main ney uss ka naam poocha us ney apna naam maria bataya. phir main uss kay qareeb ho gaya. uss ney apna sar neechay jhukaliya. main ney aik dam usaay galay laga liya aor uss ka naqab neechay kya. Wahh!!! kiya sundar thi woh. phir main ney kissing shuru ker di aor uss nay bhi mera bharpoor saath diya. pehlay main ney uss ki shawl utari aor bohat shiddat se kissing kernay lagay. main uss kay khoobsoorat hont khaa jana chahta tha. phir neck kissing ki. phir main uss ki qameez utarni chahi pehlay uss nay mujhay roka laikin main ney foran uss kay honton per kissing ki tou woh bhi garam ho gai. neechay uss nay black bra pehna hua tha. main ney usay galay lagaya or neck kissing kertay huway uss kay bra kay hook peechay se khol diye. main ney uss ka bra khench ker alag kiya aor uskay mammon ko dekh ker pagal ho gaya. doodh ki terha white, resham ki terah chiknay aor malayam, aor uss key nipple kama kay thay uss kay nipple or un kay gird pink circle main paglon ki terha uss kay mammon ko choosnay laga, chatnay laga, woh bhi aankain band kiye meray hairs main haat pher rahi thi. phir main ney ussay dhakka day ker apnay bed per gira diya.... hum dono ki halki halki saansain phooli hoi thien. main uss kay upper lait gaya aor phir kissing shuru ker di ahista ahista neechay aanay laga. uss kay neck phir mammon phir stomach per kissing kernay laga. uss kay moon se awazain nikalna shuru ho gaien.... like AAaaaahahhhh !! Uuummm AAaaahhh OOohh... main ney uss ki shalwar neecchay kerna shuru ki... uss ney neechay kuch nahin pehna hua tha. ab woh bilkul nangi, aankain band kiye huay meray samnay thi. main apni shirt aor banyan utari. aor uss ki dono taangay phela ker usay chatnay laga. ab tou maria ki halat aor ajeeb ho gayi.. woh apni gaand upper utha utha ker mazay lainay lagi. main nay dono thumbs se uss ki choot phila di aor apni zaban uss ki pink shoot main under bahir kernay laga. Uss nay aor bhi zayada awazain nikalna shuru ker dien.... aor bohat ziyada hilnay lagi..... issi duran uss ney aik picchkari mari aor apna paani meray moon main hi ccchor diya... aor cchotnay kay duran woh bohat ziyada cheekhi.... aor uss ka jism aakar ker thanda ho gaya.... ab woh gehri gehri saansain lainay lagi.... main ney apni pant aor underware utara aik damm se maira 7'' lamba aor 5" mota lund nay bahir jhanka.... main ney apnay lund ko jo lohay ki khambay ki terha tana hua tha ko thora sa pakar ker sehlaya... phir uss kay moon ki teraf lay ker gaya ... uss nay pehlay tou moon zor se band kiya aor haath se paray kernay ki koshish ki... laikin main garmi se pagal ho gaya aor zabardasti uss kay moon main apna lund thoons diya.... ab main uss ki mouth fucking kerney laga... jab main zor se uss kay moon main lund thoonsta tou uss ki aawaz band ho jati aor khansnay lagti...5minut baad main cchotnay laga tou apna lund bahir nikal ker uss kay face per hi paani cchora..... phir main bhi saans lainay laga...phir aik cloth se uss ka moon saaf kiya ... ab hum dono uth ker baith gaye ... aor aik doosray ko daikh ker hansnay lagay...phir main ney ussay galay lagaya aor kissing kerni shuru ki iss terha hum dono phir garm ho gaye.... mera lund phir se khara ho gaya....ab main ney ussay ahista ahista lita diya aor uss ki choot ko phir chatna shuru kiya ..... ab main ney apnay lund pay thook lagaya aor uss ki choot ki upper rakh diya....main ney jab uss ki choot main lund dalna shuru kiya tou main ney mehsoon kiya kay aagay koi rakawat nahin.. iss ka matlab woh pehlay bhi chud chuki hai.. anyway mujhay iss se kia .... main apna lund under bahir kernay laga....uss ki dono taangay main phela ker upper uttai hoi thien... uss ney awazain nikalna shuru ker dien.... AAaaaaahhh ... OOooohhhh... Uuummmhhh... yaaahhhh....aor zor se chod mujhay.... aor zor se chod...main ney bhi apni speed barha di ... usssay zor zor se jhatkay daina shuru ker diya.....woh bhi mera saath day rahi thi....koi 20minut takk woh 2bar farigh ho gai.... phir main bhi cchootnay laga tou main nay uss ki choot kay under hi paani cchora... uss kay baad main uss kay upper lait ker haanpnay laga .... phir main ney usay utthaya aor paaon kay bal usay bathaya tou mera paani uss ki choot se neechay girnay laga... main ney uss raat ussay apnay saath thehraya....aor uss raat hum ney 10 martaba sex kiya...

After the bath Story

My friend Ravi got settled in Pune and got married. We both were good friends during our college days but later couldn’t meet for a long time. When I was on a business trip to Pune I contacted Ravi and asked to meet. He was very happy to see me in Pune and had lunch together in a hotel. He asked me about my stay in Pune, I told him that I will be staying here for three more days before leaving back. He invited me to come to his house and stay with him till I leave.

Initially I did not agree to that and told him that I will manage to stay in a lodge. But he convinced me and took me to his house. His house was about one hours of journey from his office. He introduced me to his beautiful wife Prabha. I was just surprised to see so beautiful lady as his wife. Prabha was not fair in colour but she had very sexy body. I saw her sexy boobs and flat tummy. It was very smooth and looked as its massaged with oil. It was shining. I just imagined about her choot if it’s shaved and clean. She opened the door and she welcomed me to their house and started preparing for my dinner. I really felt jealous of Ravi to possess such a beautiful wife. We relaxed and started our chat, discussing about our olden days to refresh our memories. Prabha started setting the dining table while me and Ravi sat on the respective chairs to start our supper. After our dinner I wished them goodnight and went early to bed. I was unable to get sleep
Suddenly I heard some noise outside my room, I got up to check out and found that Ravi’s bedroom was locked and some unusual sounds were coming from inside. I understood the situation and went back to my room. Somehow I couldn’t control myself and went again near his bedroom. The bathroom was just adjacent to their bedroom, if something goes wrong I can escape into the bathroom. I started peeping into their bedroom from the keyhole. I could witness two naked bodies in action with immense pleasure. Prabha was on her bed while Ravi was busy ramming his Lund into her love hole. What I was able to see from the keyhole was the scene between their legs from backward angle. I wanted to see Prabha's nude body but couldn't. I kept observing the play and started stroking my own Lund. Finally I was able to see Prabha's choot when Ravi removed his Lund out after emptying his juice in her hole. It was really amazing. Clean shaved and swelled. Now its lips were a bit open due to fresh fucking. I could see his semen coming out of her choot. Soon after that Ravi laid on Prabha for some time caressing and hugging her and finally finished his battle. Prabha got up from her bed and started coming out of the room. I some how heard her saying I will piss and come back. My plan of getting into bathroom when they come out was abandoned and somehow adjusted myself to enter below the dining table. I kneeled myself and waited for what next to happen. Prabha came out of the room fully nude and went inside the bathroom. She might have forgotten that there was a guest in the house and even didn't bother to close the bathroom door while pissing. I couldn't see her nude body as I was below the dining table and could see only her legs.

When she entered the bathroom and put the light on I was able to see her from behind. She sat down to piss and I was able to see her beautiful chutad in a W shape from bottom and her piss rushing out between her W. Then after completing her work she washed her hole with water and went back to their room and locked the door. I don't know what happened later as I rushed into my room to get back to sleep. I couldn’t sleep that night as the scenes of her choot in action and buttocks while pissing were reappearing in my mind. I masturbated many times and finally went to sleep. After getting up in the morning I went to bathroom and finished brushing teeth, taking bath, etc. Ravi called me for the breakfast while Prabha in her yellow nighty came to me to give coffee. I took the glass while staring at her and recollecting the night scenes. Since I had to leave early to work to meet a client I quickly completed my breakfast and left. Ravi also left to his office and would return back home only in the evening. I finished my work and returned back early. Prabha was washing clothes. She told me to ask if I need anything. I wanted to ask her choot for my lunch. I started watching TV in the hall when Prabha came and asked if any movies are coming. Finally there was some movie in some channel and I told her Yes. She came to the Hall with some bowls in her hand containing vegetables and a knife. She sat near the sofa on the floor and started cutting the vegetables. Some how, I started staring at her in that sitting position. She was wearing a blue colour saree and was looking like an angel to me. My staring stacked when I observed that her cleavage was little bit visible. Actually I have seen her choot and buttocks but did not see her boobs till now. With this desire I started screening her boobs in that blouse. She caught me looking at her boobs but I suddenly shifted my eyes to TV.

I again started my task after sometime. This time her cleavage was more visible. It might have shifted while cutting the vegetables. My mouth became watering at the sight of her upper lining of her boobs. I felt that my Lund in my underwear started taking its original shape. She suddenly saw me again doing that and gave a smile. I was little bit tensed that she might be thinking wrong about me. I was ready to take chance and again started looking. This time the cleavage was completely visible. I was observing that she leaned a bit more and her pallu slipped. Her sexy tight boobs were trying to peep out of her tight blouse. I was really shocked looking at this state. I realized that she herself has shifted herself to give me a better picture. I was a bit confused but confident about her move. I kept observing her master pieces and enjoyed the scene. The gap between the boobs was really marvelous. While staring at her cleavage suddenly her saree fell down since she has shifted it to max. I was able to see two round massive well shaped melons tightly covered in a blouse. She was actually wearing a blouse that covers only 50% of the boobs. I almost thanked myself for finally seeing all those things. She got frightened and suddenly covered herself and rushed to the kitchen. She started cooking for lunch in the kitchen while I was still watching that damn TV. I leaned a bit to see what she was doing in that kitchen. I was able to see her waist from here and started thinking lets observe even this as something is better than nothing. The folds in her waist were just amazing. I started imagining as if I went to kitchen and hugged her from back touching those folds. She later arranged lunch and had the same together while watching TV.

I went to my room after my lunch so that I can relax. After some time I felt that she was in the bathroom. I went for inspecting the same and came to know that she is taking bath inside. I went into her bedroom to just have a casual look at her belongings. I saw some clothes kept on the bed like saree, blouse, bra and a panty. I took the panty in my hand and started sniffing. Its smell was some thing very sexy. I did the same with her bra also. I wasted so much of time that she finished her bath and was coming into the room. I was helpless and started thinking where to hide. She came with a towel wound around her gentle body and locked the door from inside. I was hiding beside the almira but still I was able to see her clearly. She came and finally removed her towel. My goodness it was heaven for me to see her finally naked top to bottom. So smooth and shining skin. Just if put a finger it will slip. She was busy drying herself with the towel removing the wetness from all her parts. I stood there without moving an inch but just watching the nature. She was singing while doing this and slowly shaking her body. Soon later she started dancing in front of the mirror shaking her chutad and waist like anything. I think she was trying samba dance. Unfortunately she saw me hiding through the mirror and gave a loud scream. I tried my best to stop her before she could do anything. She stood before me fully naked for sometime still in that shock, later she realized her state and covered herself with the saree that was kept on the bed. I preferred to leave the room rather than giving her the explanation.

I unlocked the door and went to the hall and sat on the sofa. She quickly locked the door from inside and put her clothes on. She was taking a lot of time inside while I was waiting for to come out so that I can confess my mistake. I started thinking so many reasons that can prove that I was not wrong. Finally after a long time she came out and sat opposite to me as if nothing has happened. She turned the TV on and started pressing the remote. There was silence between us but I was waiting for her scolding. Finally she spoke to me and asked me if I want coffee. I told it’s not required now since it is still afternoon. I started giving explanation to her about what all has happened. I confessed my mistakes to her by narrating everything that has happened. I mentioned her clearly about the last night's incident and that happened in the afternoon. I told her that you are very beautiful and any man will not stop to do this. I also mentioned that Ravi was soo lucky to have you as his wife. If I could have seen you before marriage then I would have married you and keep you more happy. I know that you are very happy with Ravi but still it became my fantasy to spend time with you in bed. I told her to just think about it and give reply. I will be staying here till tomorrow and may never come back. If you agree I can make love with you which you will remember for ever. If not kindly ignore what ever has happened and forgive me for those bad intentions. After listening to all these things she got up suddenly and left to her room. I realized that she took things in the other way and decided not to sit in front of me. I kept watching the TV and thinking how to approach Ravi if Prabha reveals everything to her husband. After some time a miracle happened in my life.

Prabha came and hugged me from back while I was sitting on the sofa. She accepted my proposal and gave green signal. I stood up and took her into my arms. She hugged me tightly and whispered I am sorry. I again sat on the sofa and made her sit on my lap. I asked her what has happened. She told me that it was not just my mistake but even she was involved in that. She came to know my intentions with all my gestures since I met her. She saw me looking at her figure in her nighty. Later she herself got interested in me and hence tried to show her cleavage. But the incident after bath was unexpected so she screamed. She was later aroused when I mentioned about what I saw through Key hole and one that happened in the bathroom. I even mentioned W shape to her. She couldn't control herself and went inside her room to masturbate. She finally realized that she needs me. Any how I have seen her nude and even expressed my intentions to lay her on bed. She got up from my lap and persuaded me to have sex immediately. I lifted her and took her inside her bedroom and made her lie on the bed. I climbed on her and made our bodies rub each other. I quickly removed my shirt and asked Prabha to remove her clothes. She got up from bed and asked me to make her nude with my hands. So I took this romantic opportunity removed her saree. Now she was in blouse and petticoat. Then I gently put my hand on her blouse buttons and opened one by one. After removing two buttons I spread it and kissed her bare skin. Then I took charge of her sexy rosy lips. I gave her a long and wet kiss. In the mean time my hands were working with her blouse buttons. I opened all buttons of her blouse. I saw white bra. I pressed her 34 sized boobs and kissed her earlobes. Licked with wet tongue and she moaned. She was standing in front of mirror. I hugged her from back and pulled string of her silky petticoat. It fell down on her feet.

I too stood beside her and took her to the mirror from which she caught me. She was standing there in her white bra and panty that I sniffed earlier. My fingers were working on her back. She was shivering. I asked “why you are shivering?” She said “Pabby Ravi ke baad tum pehale mard ho mere sharer ko aisa dekhne wale.” I said “abhi to ye sab bhi nikal dunga “and I hugged her. My hands were playing at her back. I found her bra hooks and I removed her bra and caressed her boobs from her back watching the same from the mirror. I wanted even her to see what I am doing. Finally I am touching her boobs with my own hands. Ohh since last night I was waiting for this moment. Her nipples were very cute, small in size but pink. Very carefully I made circles with my fingers on her pink area and started playing with her nipples. My Lund was making her uncomfortable between her legs at the back. She asked me to remove my pant but I was busy rubbing her boobs. Then slowly I shifted my hands and traveled through her belly touching her navel with one hand while other still traveling into her panty. I touched her choot above her panty. And I tried to rub her clit. That was very wet due to her arousal. I started measuring the diameter of the hole with my fingers and then went calculating the depth. She asked me “what are you doing.. ohh I cant bear.. ohh.. plzz..” I said “darling I am measuring its size and depth. I want to know how much it has been used by Ravi .” But she stopped me and said that “you can measure only with an instrument.” I understood her intention and stopped my fingers. I removed my hand after rubbing her there for sometime. I slowly started pulling her panty down exposing her. I totally removed her panty down to ground when she lifted her leg to step out of it. I threw it to where her bra was lying on the floor. I went down to her choot and started smelling her with my nostrils. I really became mad with this and immediately started licking her with my tongue. She stood there shivering while licking for sometime and then pushed me aside. She started complaining that only I am enjoying. Finally I understood her problem and removed my pant. I even removed my boxer and threw it where her panty and bra were lying.

She felt happy on seeing my Lund. She took that in her hands and started fondling. She gave me a compliment that mine is better that Ravi 's. “It’s more fat and big.” I was very happy with this compliment. I blushed at her and told her to examine the same once again and then tell me the result. She kneeled before me and started observing my Lund carefully by rubbing it with her hand. She told me that my first impression is true. She wants to suck it. It’s very hard and fat. She took it into her mouth and gave a good blowjob. It was time for me to start the battle. I lifted her again and hugged her tightly. This time we hugged each other both being naked top to bottom. My Lund was making its way between her legs while her boobs were squeezed on my chest. I started pressing her buttocks and imagined that W. She then took my Lund in her hand and lifted her one leg a bit and started rubbing it on her choot walls. I understood her feelings and told her to get back on the bed. She went there and lay on the bed. I again climbed the bed and took my mouth to her choot. Actually she interrupted me initially when I was licking her choot. She said Ravi never did this. It’s dirty. I said “Prabha itni sundar choot ko dirty mat kaho.. mujhe ise pyar karne do.” Then I spread her legs and kissed her mound and her choot button.

Then I looked her choot. Her choot lips were pinkish. And very soft. I licked complete outer part of her swelled choot. Then parted her choot lips with my finger and inserted my toungue. And she started moaning.. “aahh Pabbbyyyy.. mar jaungi.. ye kya kar rahe ho..aahh bahuut achcha lag raha hai.. aahh.. aahhh.. mera ho jayega.. Pabuuu.. munh hata lo… bahut jor se hone wala hai… sssseeeee… aahh.. pehali.. barr… meri zindagi me pehali.. baar.. itne jor se chhutne wali hoon.. munh hataao..” But I continued and after few seconds she filled my mouth with hot juices. It was like a sprinkle. She washed my complete face. I licked all juice. She was moving her chootad up and down and now her choot was stuck to my mouth. Now I did it again till I was satisfied that I have eaten a woman's choot. Then I made her spread her legs too wide and alarmed her that my Lund is entering. I kept my Lund on her choot and rubbed it for some time. She forced me to do it quickly. Then I entered her hole slowly. It was slippery inside and finally very hot. As I entered my forehead .. she screamed.. “Pabby.. dheere… bahut mota hai.. maine pehale hi kaha tha... dheere..” I kissed her and said “meri jaan Prabha.. maja bhi to jyada ayega.” Saying this I thrust with power and entered my Lund to its root. And she shouted loudly..”ohhh .. maar daalaa.. Pabby... bahut lamba hai… mere bahut andar chala gaya .. dard ho raha hai….plzz ruko.” I kissed her nipples sucked and caressed them and after some time when I saw her pain is subsided I started giving her small strokes... then she also started responding by lifting her w shaped buttocks. I put a hand below her buttocks and I started giving my strokes and rammed her mad. It was time for me to burst out the load. She told me to do it inside itself. She was bored of carrying Ravi 's load always. I was in fire. I gave some strong jerks and finally put my lund in her depth and I loaded all my cum into her hole I discharged a huge quantity. When I was fully empty then removed my Lund out. She was satisfied with my work and congratulated me for that. I laid on her for a while still rubbing my Lund on her tummy. She pushed me aside and got up from the bed.

She told me that she will go to bathroom to piss and then come back. She went nude to the bathroom exactly the way she did last night. She did not close the bathroom door and sat down to piss. I followed her and entered the bathroom. She told me to go out but I told her that I have already seen this scene from behind and now I want to see the same from front. She told me to come inside and stand on the other side. I saw her pissing through the hole that I have used just before. This time it was not W but it was V that I saw. After that she washed with water and went back to bedroom. This time she made me lie on the bed and she climbed on me. She took my Lund in her hand and started giving blow job. Then slowly she guided the same into her hole. It was her chance this time to give strokes. Actually the same thing happened last night when she went back to her bedroom after pissing. Ravi might have enjoyed her strokes. She did that for quite a long time while I was again fondling her breasts. Finally she surrendered and fell on me. We lay in that position for some time till I loaded my second shot. I squeezed her buttocks for sometime while she was resting on me. Then she got up from bed and told me that its already evening and Ravi will come back from office within an hour. We have clean everything quickly before Ravi arrives. She again went to the bathroom to take bath. Even I followed her and suggested her that we can save time by taking bath together. She agreed for that and we both stood below the shower. I again hugged her tight and kissed her at so many places. She applied soap on her body and started cleaning herself. I pulled her to my side and started rubbing her breasts with soap. After the bath we got back to the bed room and dried everything.

I was still in the same mood and again attacked her from back. This time I wanted to enjoy her hot and sexy back globes. So I took her in doggy style. I pushed my Lund through her back and hugged her tightly. She scolded me for that but allowed me to do everything. I quickly gave a few more strokes in same position and unloaded my lava in her choot. Ohh her choot had changed its looks. It was looking like a big “O”. I said “your choot is opened wide dear.” She smiled and said “its day one. Hope tomorrow it will loose its original shape and I will feel Ravi very loose.” I also smiled and said “may be” and slapped her buttocks and kissed her passionately. Then she picked her panty and bra. She wore them soon and removed another saree from the almira. She told me to wear clothes immediately and go back to my room while she will bring coffee for me. I obeyed her and went to my room after wearing my dress. She went to kitchen to prepare coffee but I again followed to Kitchen and hugged her from back. She turned back to me and said “what happened are you not satisfied yet?” I told her “I want to still fuck you till Ravi comes.” She gave a naughty smile and told no. But I forced her for that. She couldn't stop me doing so I continued. I turned the stove off and took her to my room this time. I laid her on bed while I lifted her saree up to her waist. I started licking her sweet choot and made her wet. She couldn't control and told me to fuck again. I partially removed my pant and inserted my Lund again in her hole. I started giving strokes and fucked her. Suddenly there was a door bell. Ravi has returned from the office. Prabha got up immediately and pulled out my Lund from her hole and adjusted her dress and went to open the door.

I too adjusted and slept on the bed. Ravi came inside and asked about me. She told him that I am taking rest in my room. Prabha went to the kitchen and prepared coffee. Dear friends.. this time me and prabha both were on half way.. so we were waiting for the next day. In the night near wash basin I said her that I have to masturbate. She said don’t do. Tomorrow we will do the rest. I said you will get Ravi what about me? She looked around and said. “Pabby tumne meri jo halat ki hai .. abhi tak dard ho raha hai.. malum nahi Ravi ke sath hoga ya nahi.. lekin tumhara sach me bahutu mota aur lamba hai.. aur kitne der tak karte ho.. itni der me to Ravi 3 baar chhut jata hai.” I simply smiled.. and said “kal to last day hai... kal to aur jordaar karunga.. malum nahi fir kitne din baad milogi.” She said “mai tayyar hoon.” Dear friends next day when we finished her choot was badly swelled and sore.. after last fuck she was not able to get up from bed. I gave her support. I will tell you later about the story of next day. But after that I arranged my tour to Pune atleast for two days and till now we are enjoying. ohh let me tell you just yesterday I got a call from her . she said this time she missed her periods and she is sure its mine..

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