Mammon nay bhanjee ko choda

Hi, Dear readers and fans of Indian-Stories. I am behanchod (offcourse it is not real name) of 19 years from Karachi Pakistan. Since last one year i’m fan and frequent visitor of Indian-Stories and have read good number of desi stories. After a lot of consideration, i have decided to share with you all the sex stories of my real sister. Believe me these are REAL stories, though names are not correct but the story is REAL. I am new to story writing so if you feel any mistake please pardon me, besides that your feedback at my email, will encourage me to give you more erotic stories, the REAL ones. So let me start. Our family is well off and my father is a business man, with every facility in our home. We are five children to my parents. I’m at number 4 and my three sisters are elder to me and my brother is younger to me. Eldest sister Hasina,27, is married since last two years, second Samina, 25, is doing her MBA, third Fareena, 21, is doing MBBS, fouth me, 19, doing BBA and last Raju, 11, is studying in school. I’m narrating this story of Samina. She is real beauty and is beautiful amongst all the females of the family. Really, i too get horney when think about her. This all happened some one year back. My papa gave me computer for studies, as i got admission in BBA and i with the help of my friend baught a wireless video camera, which i adjusted to my computer and hide the camera in the bathroom of my dream girl, my own sister. I was successfully watching my own elder sister when she was in her bathroom. A lot of times, i watched her naked, with great beautiful big boobs and hairless pussy. Woh jab bhee kahtee thee keh mein baathroom jarahee hoon, ya nehanay ja rahee hoon, to mein bhag kar computer per punhchita tha aur apni bahan ko nanga dekhta tha. Kai baar mein ne us kay baray baray mammay dekh kar muth maree. Woh bhee kabhi kabhi apni choot say kheltee thay. Aik din hamara mamoon (mother’s brother) hamaray ghar aaya. Ammi aur abbu chhotay bhai ko lekar kisi shadi mein ja rahay thay aur mein aur meree do behnain, Samina aur Fareena, mammo kay saath ghar par rahay. Ham TV longe main thay, garmiyon kay din thay, to Samina nay kaha, mein naha kar aati hoon. Woh baath room chli gai. Thori deir mein mammon nay kaha Behanchod tu parhta naheen kiya? mein nay kaha mamoon mein parhta hoon magar abhi aap bethay hein na. Us nay kaha koi baat naheen Fareena hai yahan, tum jao, parho. Mujhay to achha laga, mein bhaga aur computer par Samina ko nihatay hua dekhnay laga. Woh apnay baathroom main kharee hui baloon ko shampoo laga rahee thee jab baath room ka darwaza khula aur mammon bathroom mein dakhil huay, mein screen par dekh raha tha. Samina ko pata naheen chala, woh aankhain band kiey shampoo kar rahee thee. Mammon us ko khamoshee say dekhta raha aur apna hath shalwar kay ooper hee lund par phernay laga. Mujhay samjh naheen aaraha tha keh yeh kiya ho raha hai aur mein kiya karoon. Thoree dair key baad woh aagay bhara aur Samina kay mamoon ko dabanay laga, us nay ankhain khol kar kuchh kaha magar mujhay sunai naheen diya. Phir mein nay us kay kamray mein janay ka faisla kiya. Mein Samina kay kamray mein punhcha to woh abhi tak bathroom main thay, aur pata nahein kiya kar rahay thay. Mein us kamray mein curtain kay peechhay chhup gaya aur mammon bhanji ka intizar karnay laga. Kaphi dair guzar gai to mein sochnay laga keh yeh niklain gay bhee, ya waheen film chala dein gay. Mein wapis computer par janay ka hi soch raha tha to woh dono mammon bhanjee, dono nangay bath room say aagai aur bed par let gai. Woh samina ko chudai kay liey mana raha tha, aur woh musalsil inkar kar rahee thee. Samina us ko kah rahee
thee keh tu to hamara uncle hai, bhanji ko chodtay hui sharam naheen aaegi to us nay kaha, kiyon bhanji kunwari hai kiya? Mammon nay samina ko kaha mujhay pata hai tera jija, tujhay chodta hai (yeh mujhay pihlay pata naheen tha), woh to Fareena ko bhi chodta hai. Tera baap meree char bahnon ko chod chuka hai, agar mein nay tujhay choda to kiya hoga? Tum koi kunwari to naheen ho. Woh khamosh leti rahee aur Mammon us kay mammay sahlata raha. Samina ko kaphi dair khamosh dekh kar woh samjh gaya keh bhanji mammon say chudnay ko tiyar hai. Yeh mein zindagi ka pehla live sex dekh raha tha aur mera lund teer ki tarah seedha khara tha. Mammon nay Samina ko choomna shuru kiya aur woh bhi response denay lagi. Bhanji nay mammon ka lund hath mein lekar us say khelna shuru kiya. Thori deir kay baad mammon nay apna budha lund bhanji kay moonh mein diya aur woh randiyoon ki tarah us ko choosnay lagee. Aur woh us kay goray badan say khelta raha, us kay mammay dabata raha aur us kee choot mein angliyan karta raha. Jab mammon ka lund tiyar ho gaya to us nay bhanji kee tangain apnay kandhoon par rakheen aur lund choot par maslnay laga. Samina nay awazain nikalna shuroo ki, mammoon andar karo plz, plz andar karo. us nay kaha chup randee, buhut intizar karwaya hai, ab tu bhi intizaar kar. Woh lund ko choot par ragarta raha aur mammay dabata aur choosta raha. Thoree deir mein us nay apna lund andar daala to samina nay thandi aah bharee aur uuuuufffffff aaaaaahhhhhhhh jaldi chodo jaisi awazain nikalnay lagi. Mammon bhanji ko chodta raha, aur mein apni baree bahan ko apni ankhoan kay samnay chudwatay huay dekhta raha. Mammon nay to bhanji ko eik hee baar choda magar mein nay khiyalon hi khiyalon mein apni bahan ko do baar choda. Mammon abhi Samina ko chid hi raha tha, keh Fareena, ham sab ko dhoondhti hui, un kay kamray mein aagai. Yeh scene dekhnay jaisa tha, fareena apni baree bahan ko chudwatay hui dekh rahee thee. Woh yek tak dekhtee rahee, aur woh Mammon aur bhanji bekhabar chudtay rahay, phir un ko kuchh bolay baghair woh kamray say chali gai, shayad mujhay dhoondhnay kay liey. Jab Mammon bhanji ko chod chuka to woh do no thori dair let gai aur phir Samina nay hi kaha keh mammon bahan bhai hamain dhoondhtay hoongay, ab chalain. Us nay kaha theek hai, phir raat ko aaoonga, darwaza khula rakhna. Samina ney kaha theek hai, aur us ko lips par kiss kee. Un dono nay kapray pehnay. Aur kamray say nikal gai. Un kay janay key baad, mein bhee bahar nikla. Woh teeno TV lounge mein thay. Mein bhi udhar gaya, to Fareena nay kaha kahan thay, mein nay kaha mein to parh raha tha. Kiya hua?, woh bolee kuchh naheen, magar woh Mammon ko jaan bhooj kar apnay mammay dikha rahee thee aur woh bhi lalchati nazroon say dekh raha tha. Mein samjh gaya keh, mammon aaj doosri bhanji bhee chodaiga. Raat ko us nay do no bhanjiyon ko eik saath choda. Yeh kahani phir kabhi sahee. Pehlay is kahani kay baray mein apni rai dain.

A Seducing trip

Hi Friends, You may call me desi phantoosh which is off course is not my name with 6 ft ht and 28 yrs with good personality. Hope fully you will like it this incident which happened when I was travelling to Hyderabad from Mumbai. I was sitting on the second last seat of a private bus and going back to Hyderabad (India) after staying a week in Mumbai and it was the last stop within Mumbai, a beautiful well figure, healthy and a good height girl with long hair stepped in and started searching for her seat and stop in front of my seat and sat beside me, Wow what a company I thought in mind and we both have a formal smile and said hello to each other, after a while bus started moving and I started looking at her figure….
she was completely in white suite, she was amazing, beautiful with a very sexy figure, every thing was perfectly sized with a good height, pleasant, good looking, fair complexion, good features and rounded butts, and a sexy curve towards her waist, it was almost 1/3rd of difference between butts and waist and so with the chest, her boobs were so tempting and sexy that no one could ignore it, her titan boobs were so sensational that even though she was in dupatta it was a clear message that they are so tightened that they may bust out like any thing at any time although her shirt was not so tight, her smell was scintillating me, her eyes looks very sexy as if she is drunk.
After a while we started chatting and I came to know that she was going to UK, but unfortunately she got some problems in immigration and has to go back to her home which was in Hyderabad and when she came out of the airport, her family members who came with her to send off were already gone and she has to catch this bus, she was very depressed and couldn’t get sleep since two nights, I tried my best to bring her back to normal from the depression and within an hour we became good friends, my legs were touching her legs (intentionally) which she didn?t mind.
Time passed like nothing and we were advised to take dinner on a dhaba, we both have dinner together, till that time we became very close and chatting personal matters at that moment I thought it won’t be tough to seduce her, but still I was afraid to do so, around 8 pm our journey started again, after a while she told me that she wants to sit @ window side and we both stood up to swap the seats, she ordered me to come out while she was not going out of her seat and giving me the way to do so, that was an opportunity for me and I started moving out facing towards her face, suddenly I pretend that I am about to fall on her and put my hand on her shoulder (as she was also standing which was not needed ) and started moving , her body parts were touching mine and I started taking deep breath, my nose was almost touching her fore head and lower part of my chest was touching her warm ,soft and huge boobs and my tool was tingling and scintillatingly touched her thighs and within a second it aroused as if it touched the current and went in between her thighs my goodness @ that moment my dick became very hot and hard and for sure she understood my feelings and behavior of my cock, their was no gap between us, bus helped me in giving her the jerks and I was getting uncontrolled and willing to clutch her as much as I could and standing right infront of her and not making any efforts to move out, my hand was still on her shoulder, she looked at me and with a hidden smile put her hand on my shoulder and moved me aside and at the same time I slipped my hand from her shoulder to her waist giving a light and emotional touch to her boobs and her belly I came out, although this whole process took only few minutes but it opened the door with a green signal, for which I was thinking since last 4/5 hours. (now she was on my right side). I was sexually getting arouse and my tool was knocking me out, I emptied the whole water bottle to cool down my cock who was troubling me a lot for more space.
After settling down I put my right hand on her lap and waited for the response, she didn’t say any anything, I cheered up and with confidence started caressing her soft lap she was calm with closed eyes, I turn around towards my right side and my left hand came in action and started caressing her neck and after some time I was playing with her breasts and giving emotional touch to it and the other hand was busy inside and in between her thighs, she was murmuring (pls aisa math karo koi dekhlega ) now she was getting arouse and started taking deep breath, now my left hand was caressing her lap and very carefully sent it inside her shirt and above her shalwar now I can realize the softness of her thighs my goodness it was so soft plus the cloth of her shalwar was also like which was arousing me immensely and started moving towards the caves of her pussy one thing was noticeable that in this cold weather she is very warm and sexually arousing minute by minute and enjoying the pleasure and I noticed that there is not under wear inside, that was another plus sign which was making me out of control and being trouble by my dick for more space. By now my fingers were driving in between her thighs and on her lap and towards and across her pussy and rubbing her hot pussy and tried to wide her legs as much as possible. She was getting horny and started moving her hand very cautiously on my lap and some how open the zip of my paint and tried to grab my tool by sending her two finger inside, when she though it is not possible she started playing with it and at the other end I was making a move under her shirt towards her soft, naked and warm navel and waist and started caressing it and grasp it like anything and went towards her boobs, and started pressing her breasts over her bra and the moment I touched her boobs she made a little jerk and started saying ufffffffffffffffff, nooooooooooooooooo, plsssssssssssssssss Koi dekh lega plsssss ssssssssss sssssssssss, she was arousing as my hand was caressing and fondling her soft body , and my cock was killing , tingling and pumping me like a bull to come out, I was playing, pressing her huge boobs and tits inside her but out side her bra after some time I tried my best to untie her bra but it was very tight for me to do so I told her to untie her bra and she did, I started sending my hand inside her bra which was loosen by her it was so huge and soft I couldn’t explain and she started taking the jerks and moaning ufffffffff, plssssssssss, koi dekh legaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaa,. I was cajoling, fondling and flattering with her boobs and she was sexually arousing and getting horny.
I went down and slowly started untying her shalwar knot she pleaded not to do so but I was not in control although it was public place but I was getting mad, and was not caring for any thing in fact we heard some comments from the back seat but kept quite and at that time I was totally “Be-sharam”, some how I succeeded and open its knot and send my hand inside, no I was right she was not wearing underwear and my fingers were enjoying the ride in her secret area and started caressing her soft, warm and naked lap and her thighs and her warm soft shaved , wet and horny pussy it was taking us to beyond limits we were getting mad like anything and I cock was suffering a lot and slowly started giving little jerks with my finger considering that she will not moan loudly, we were getting out of control and she was enjoying the pleasure of my caressing and jerks and was at extreme to get orgasms and she got it and started moaning, yes she started leaking which was making her cunt more wet, I speed up my jerks and at the same time she was holding my cock and pressing it harder and harder and after some time when I saw her face it was red, we were controlling too much and getting mad, don’t ask about me I was more mad than her at least she could leak, she looked at me pretending she is upset with my behavior, as if its my fault.
I decided to drop off @ Pune and continue the journey later and started convincing her and at last we left the bus at Pune and made a call to her home and gave the excuse of bus failure and bla bla bla !!!! and walked towards hotel, as soon as we stepped in the room the first thing I did was changed my paint and when I came out of wash room she was standing in balcony and looking outside I went and stood @ her back, now I was in my night paint with no restrictions inside my cock was in the alley between her butts trying to dig in and my hands started caressing her sides of the hips towards her navel to her waist and at lastly grasp her breasts which were so huge it was hard to cover the whole by one hand, and my lips were kissing her neck and my cock was in the alley of her beautiful butts and massaging up and down, this was the right place for enjoying the pleasure now were truly enjoying it and slowly started peeling her shirt and bra I was getting amused by looking her soft and well shaped naked figure now she turned around and put her arms on my shoulder, and clutched me strongly and started kissing me, she was very hot @ that moment as if she had fever I took her in my hands and brought her to the bed and start kissing from her navel all the way around her waist and start sucking her beautiful nipples, squeezing her boobs and nipples and was sucking and fondling it as if I never had any thing like that before, as I was playing with her tits she put her hand inside my paint and forcefully pulled it out, then I untie her shalwar and started kissing each and every part of her body, she responded well and started rubbing my cock and while doing so she was enjoying a lot as if she achieved the goal now we were in 69 position and except sucking each others tools we did every thing and complimenting each other with whole lots of kisses every where, she was moaning while kissing, I was kissing and biting her thighs and getting closer to her pussy and my fingers were in her pussy dipping in and out and her pussy was getting wet and warm, we were getting more and more mad, crazy like a wild animal and she started biting my thighs and calf and playing with my balls, and fondling, caressing, rubbing and twisting my cock, I was thrusting my finger in her cunt and kissing it and its corners, she started jerking her lower part up and down and so also started moaning and saying “commonnnnnnnnnnnn do it this is too much I can?t wait, plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do it, plssssssssssss, lips of her pussy was almost red, now I turned around for the final round and spread her legs and slowly introduce my fully erect dick in her small, warm, wet and horny pussy she increased her moaning, then suddenly I shut her mouth with my lips so that she shouldn?t start moaning loudly but that doesn’t helped she was moaning like anything , not even thinking that we were in a hotel but my lips did the job of silencer and after a brief introduction of my dick, I pushed it little more in her pussy and slowly keep pushing it and at last my dick was completely in her wet pussy I waited for a while then took it out, then inserted again this time I started jerking it slowly and increasing the pace, she was moaning mmmmmm mmmmmm, mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm my pace was not so fast yet, when I found that she won?t moan loudly I released her mouth she was completely out of control and getting mad and wild her hair completely open and moaning like any thing, “Slowlyyyyyyyyy, Plsssssssssssss, Plsssssssssssss, Slowlyyyyyyyyyyy, Nooooooooooo, Plsssssss ssssssssss, its killing, plsssssssssssssss, after a while she joined with my rhythm and started pushing her pussy upwards, and I was increasing my pace we were getting immense pleasure, her breasts started bouncing, we both were trying to thrust each other, her cunt was getting tighter and tighter, and trying to crunch cock and she got her orgasms and we were enjoying with extreme pleasure and moaning, at the same time I ended up with mine with a full blast speed inside her pussy , (which I did as per her desire) my tool was taking big jerks and ended up with some nail scratches on my back.
We were breathing very heavily specially me after a while we took shower and started again and this time we did in different way, she lied down on the carpet in opposite direction facing her ass upwards I took her legs and put it on my shoulder and send my dick in her cunt from her back and my hands were holding her breasts, I was in a kneel down position, she was also resting on her hands, I was jerking and thrusting my hard cock in her wet pussy at the same time my one hand was holding her from her waist, other one was busy with her gorgeous breasts and kissing her ass and her back area , when I was about for the climax I turned her around and I busted my juice on her breasts and navel and she started rubbing and massaging it all over her body specially on her tits and bits and moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhhh. What a smell, aaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We rested for a while and showered again. We couldn?t enjoy more than that, it was 5 am and we were so hungry and their was nothing to eat and left the hotel and then to Hyderabad by bus. She was in Hyderabad for three months and we met whenever we get chance then she left to UK and after a year I migrated from India but we still remember those days and talk to each other.

Virgins story

This is my first story. Hope you will like it. Before getting into the story let me introduce myself. My name is A…..(you can call me Chinnu.).I am from Kerala ( Thrissur ). Well I am 5″6 and have a gorgeous masculine body since I workout 2 hrs every day for the past two years. Well I will be 18 only on the 8th of the coming Nov. Well I am studying for my Engineering. Let us get into the story now. Actually I am a shy personality and hence have had very few encounters with feminine. Yet those were really memorable. It was during the summer holidays after I finished my 12th.Since I was Getting bored I decided to enroll for a youth camp which was being held for personality development. Well I met this exotic and gorgeous looking gal there. To be precise there was an event in which we were to introduce our partners and luckily she was my partner. Since I was to introduce her, we came to know a lot about each other. Well she was from Kozhikode and was studying MCA. she was21 but her tits and boobs were immaculate. She was not a virgin which came to know later.
Now that she was away from home she stayed in hostel which was very close to my house.
One fine day I went to her hostel to borrow a book( programming in C). There was no one outside the hostel and we had a long and uninterrupted conversation. Well I asked her not to call me on the phone instead to use e- mail. She faithfully sent me her first mail with greetings. Now the wait was too unbearable. I replied her mail and sent her Indian-Stories story which could probably reveal my feeling for her . The idea worked she liked the story and asked me to send some more.
One Sunday my parents decided to go out for a party and left. Now the only problem was my younger brother. Even though he knew about my passion I did not wanted to take any chance, So I gave him some money and asked him to go for a movie. I phoned her and asked her to come and collect her book.
At about 10′o clock in the morning she came. Pink was her favorite color and was also the color of her Salwar Kameez. At the mear sight of her I was turned on , I prayed to God not to miss this opportunity to me. We sat in the drawing room for some time and talked. I slowly but steadily shifted the topic from Academics to internet. Here is where Indian-Stories came in handy. She requested if I could take her to the site. As we were browsing through the site the mouse fell off the table and landed in her seat between her thighs. She was so much immersed in the ecstasy of the site that she did not notice the mouse. This was my chance I slowly brought my hand in-between her legs I was hardly inches form her prep school pussy that if I straightened my index finger I could touch it. I could feel the heat between her legs. She did not seem to notice my presence and was so much aroused that she forgot I was there and was about to masturbate. When she brought her hand to rock her clit she accidentally caught hold of my hand and started to rub against her pussy. By God the sensation was an absolute fantasy. Without waiting a moment I grabbed her in both hands and gave her deep throated kiss. To my surprise she was hotter than I thought instead she gave me a stronger kiss and the fire of love got ignited on both sides. I removed her SKameez. She was in her bra and panties. Meanwhile she removed my shirt and pant.
As for the rest we both helped ourselves. Now we stood absolutely naked in front of each other. And Jesus!! her figure was driving me nuts. Since this was my first time I did not wanted to mess it up so I proceeded slowly very slowly. I started with her forehead then eyes then the saucy lips then the juicy tongue. Then I can reached her ivory robes with pink head. Her boobs were like watermelon full of passion and the nipples a pink gateway to suck the juice of passion of her ivory melons. Then came the stomach it was as smooth as ice and as hot as chilly. I just thought O!! GOD what a babe!!. Finally I reached the gateway to pleasure were every man wanted to leave his trademark so was I. You should have seen them. The were absolute beauty. Seemed to be as exotic as Niagara falls with black forest above and juices flowing out like waterfalls. Never in my life had I seen a spectacle so fascinating so innocent. Her clit was relatively small but was tastier than sugar. What an experience was to suck it only one who had experienced it could ever imagine.
Now it was her turn. And what a sucker she was. She sucked my dick so hard even a could never have had sucked his thumb. As I reached the point of cum I asked her to stop.
Then it was Cupid’s turn. Even Venus could not have had the passion she had. She was the Utmost of a lover. Now my dick was 6&1/2″ long and as hard as steel. I myself could never make it budge so much, think of the power a women’s passion has over an innocent man. She was absolute atom bomb.
Now I made her lay on the bed and parted her legs and inserted my key to her lock to unlock the realm of ecstasy. And what an experience it was . I started moving to and for slowly ,
she too started to act with the rhythm with slow mourning OOOOOOO!!!!! Ah Ah Ah Ah!!!!!!! Yes Yes !!!!!!!! AAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOO….!!!etc
Slowly I incremented the pace as did she increase the volume and frequency of her screams. Finally we both reached orgasm at the same time. and believe me she squeezed me like hell and dug her tongue with all her strength into my mouth it was choking but in front of her passion and my pleasure it was nothing. And as you all know by Newton’s forth law of motion: Every to and fro motion gives a hand full of lotion, I deposited all my lotion deep into her vagina.
We were totally exhausted and slept. We were woken by a calling bell. It was my brother. We quickly dressed up and parted.
Even though it was the first I bet it was the best. Now I am looking for more chance to fuck her or any other one for that matter. Here is tip for novice fuckers whenever you do it slowly because the slower you do the pleasure it becomes as it was in my case. Any one who lives in Thrissur or Palakkad can mail me for comments. Don’t feel shy because WHO DARES WINS !!!!
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Sheela’s Story

With his hand in mine, I let him lead me down the drive towards the Gatehouse. I was as prepared as I would ever be. Two heavy petting sessions in the school grounds, kind of abortive, as my fears had overcome me when he tried to slip a hand into my knickers. The open mouthed kisses had taken me by surprise, stirring feelings I was still trying to deal with. I ached to give him what he wanted and when he told me how he had managed to acquire the key to the currently unoccupied masters accommodation – it seemed to be the perfect opportunity.
I was determined to let it happen, go all the way if that was what he desired. I was going shamelessly prepared, and sneaked out after prep to meet him at the top of the long school driveway. The cool evening air touched me like it never had before. I could feel the strange concoction of anticipation and terror flowing in my bloodstream. I felt wanton and wild, and not a little terrified.
The Gatehouse cottage looked dark and rather spooky. He produced the door key with a flourish and opened it without problems. We were far enough, and well screened enough, from the driveway and school that with the curtains drawn we felt safe with the lights on. The furnishings were rather threadbare, but the sofa was fairly new. A single large fluffy cushion seemed to be the sole decorative feature of the room. He hugged me in his way, an enveloping bear hug that crushed me comfortably, weakening my knees. His hands wandered down to caress my behind, squeezing, kneading. He guided me towards the sofa and he sat, motioning me to join him. I steeled myself and complied, rather stiff, knees together and my hands clasped in my lap. He wasted no time on small talk, we both knew why we were there. His left arm slipped around my shoulders, and he turned his body slightly to face me. He nuzzled my neck, and moved on to my ear and cheek, much like before. This time I was more than ready for the open mouthed kisses. His right hand gently turned my face to his, and he caressed me gently. I liked the way he did that, and I could feel the stiffness leave my body and I relaxed. It felt good, I enjoyed his obvious pleasure in my touching me, lips tenderly kissing mine, brushing my eyes and running lightly over my skin in kind of tactile worship. I hardly notice when he unbuttoned my blouse and slipped his warm hand in to cup and fondle my unfettered breasts. He found my nipples hard to his touch, and when he covered them with his circling palm I found the sensation more than pleasant. So far, this was all familiar territory. Time to move on… his hand dropped into my lap, and began to stroke my knees, just below the hem of my skirt.
I closed my eyes, and thought to myself, this is it. This is really happening. A moment later I opened them again as I felt my skirt being inched up over my knees and thighs. He is going to find out that I have no knickers on, I thought. What would he think about my hairless mound? Momentarily I cursed my mother, and her insistence that it was the proper way to be. I had heard, and ignored, the odd snigger in the girl’s dorm, on the rare occasions that we glimpsed each other’s naked form. How I suddenly envied them their curly tufts and concealing fuzz. Would he find my smooth, hairless sex a childish affection that would damn me in his eyes? And the fact that I had my pants screwed up in my jacket pocket? Would he think me a cheap little tart? Would he be pleased by the clear unspoken signal I would be giving him? Had I left them on, would I have found the courage to let him remove them? To ask him to remove them? The words to stop him, stop his happening, died unspoken. I was going to go through with this, I wanted this to happen.
It both exited and depressed me. It was exiting because I realised I’d have to deliver what I was promising, and depressed because I wanted him to know what a great leap into the unknown I was taking with him that night. My skirt inched higher and I tensed at what his reaction would be. What he eventually did, removed all my worries, and made me aware for the first time in my life what power we women can wield. His reaction? He gasped. That’s all. He just gasped. He’d inched my skirt right up to the top of my thighs and I felt how his fingers trembled when he came to smooth flesh of my inner surfaces. But then came the moment when he pushed my skirt that extra inch and he revealed at last, the fine butter smooth skin of my Venus mound, as bald a new born baby, and just the very beginnings of my cleft. And he gasped.
I opened my eyes then and watched him then, and let me tell you – the look of adoration on his face. You’d think he was being led into the treasure cave of his dreams – which I guess he was. Me being the treasure. I mean… look at your own pussy, down there, and what do you see? Skin and hair, or no hair in my case, … a bit of a bulge… the beginnings of your furrow. Big deal. But a randy male looks at it – and remember, that’s all he can see, yet – you haven’t opened your legs – he can’t see the gates of paradise – all he’s seeing is mound, and groove – a bit of it – but just watch his eyes almost pop out! Listen to him gasp. Feel the shiver in his body. Hear his breathing go all to pieces… ! I turned into a goddess at that moment. I felt an urge to strip all my clothes off then. I felt as if I could kill him with visions of ecstasy to come! But, of course, I just lay there, stupefied, really, by the weight of his adoration of me. And feeling superior, too - because, although I’m as fond of looking at sexy men as the next girl is – I could never go into that trance of worshipful adoration.
He carefully folded my skirt into a rumpled belt around my waist, and I lay bare and vulnerable before his intense, worshipful gaze. Tentatively he reached out with a shaky hand, his fingers trembling as he brushed the smooth, sensitive skin of my mound. He seemed to be afraid it might vanish in a puff of smoke. His touch tingled, electrifying me. I had the urge to grip his wrist and force his hand hard against me, rubbing the places that I suddenly wanted rubbing. I just lay there, of course, unable to move or speak and let him gently, oh so tenderly stroke my pussy, until it was it was me trembling with tension and anticipation. He knew all about my “little man”, working a moist fingertip lightly over the spot. Involuntarily my thighs sagged open, parting my slit, inviting him… and he took up the offer. I think I heard my own gasp as he curled a finger down my cleft and probed the mouth of my virginal opening. He found slid into me I felt the pressure as he explored the barrier of my hymen, stretching the narrow opening wider than I had ever dared. The thumb that remained over my button maintained its steady, circling pressure as a second finger squeezed in beside the first. Feelings, sensations began to make my head reel and I started to panic a little. Then he leaned further over and covered my mouth with his. I was busy sucking on his insistent, probing tongue as he began to work his two impaling fingers deeper into me, his palm now enveloping my sex, the ball of his thumb pressuring my clitoris rhythmically… I know I felt his third finger, down near my anus, slick with my own juices… but frankly, by then, I really didn’t give a damn.
I did not orgasm, still too tense, too fearful. It was all too new, too overwhelming… sounds crazy, but I do not really know what happened for a while. When my head cleared a little, his mouth was gone from mine, and I was kissing his hair, as he suckling on my tingling nipple. His fingers still moved in the liquid depths of my sex, deep and probing. Technically, I suppose I lost my maidenhead to his fingers, but my clearing mind knew that the loss of virginity involved a little more than a couple of fingers. Bold with passion I found the words I had longed to, but dreaded to, say.
“Fuck me. Please do it. God forgive me.” My shaky voice sounded quite alien to my ears. His gentle laugh froze the blood in my veins. My heart felt as if it had stopped… then he spoke, warm and gentle, with hint of that seductive laughter.
“Uh uh. I think I’d rather make love to you.” The bastard! Silver-tongued devil. Golden tongued would prove more apt. I’d have bent over and taken it up the ass there and then if he had asked. Instead he stole my soul and heart, along with my mouth, my ass and my willing cunt.
He slipped to his knees and positioned himself between my thighs. I was suddenly very self-conscious again, at his proximity to my most private parts, exposed and shiny wet as they were. I was also suddenly icily aware of my own aroma… and suddenly tried to close my thighs – stupid with his torso in the way. That damming gentle laugh and words to charm the birds from the trees.
“God, you are beautiful. Don’t ever change.” Which, as intended, relaxed me once more – long enough for him to suddenly, shockingly, raise my knees and part my legs, folding them up and spreading me like a gyno exam. I gasped a pointless “No!”, far too late. He had me neatly pinned. I wriggled ineffectively, vulnerable and exposed in a way that I could never have imagined. Then once more, his rapt, adoring, expression - as he feasted his gaze up on my smooth, hairless sex -relaxed me. Until realised how this position exposed my anus to his. If I had been free to move I would have curled up with embarrassment. I tensed all over again as he lowered his face to the juncture of my thighs, then yelped as his stiffened tongue parted my labia with hot wet lick and stabbed into my vagina. I died of shame, of pride and of pleasure. My fears and restraints evaporated as he ate me, inhaled me, with such obvious joy. I was lost and damned for all time from that moment on. He showered me with kisses, nibbling bites and sensuous licks upon my bare mons and damp furrow. He couldn’t seem to get enough of it. He flicked, and licked and suckled on my aching clit. His golden tongue and stiff fingers plunged deep into my pussy. I whimpered and moaned when he forced a finger into my juice filled asshole, and I urged him on like well-paid whore. Just imagine -a modest, proper, Indian girl who couldn’t say ‘penis’ without blushing or giggling – banished at the flick of tongue. I came this time… wild and abandoned and it just seemed to go on and on. I heard my own voice, like a distant loudspeaker, echoing in my head. Fuck me, eat me, suck me… the timeless litany of pleasurable sex.
Then there was a mere finger or two to stir the honey pot, as he rose and leaned over me. I had not heard him undo his trousers, or free the ridged bar of flesh thus exposed – I guess I had been otherwise engaged. Cock, penis, dick, hardon… It was not really what I expected. Curly snails on statues, anonymous outlines in textbooks. Pale, and veined and throbbing with life. The glans, the smooth, aerodynamic bugle with its single eye… I would in time, come to know you well. This night I met a stranger, pressed to my open, panting mouth and I welcomed you with all of my inexperienced enthusiasm. I was vaguely aware of the size of him, the hardness and slight salty flavour. In the days, and nights to come I would learn more about this throbbing stranger, and discover the fact that this was a circumcised variety, marvel at the curious furry pouch of his testicals and how that little ridge of tissue beneath the flared head could drive him wild. For now he contented himself with a few gentle, shallow pokes into my open mouth, distending my cheeks and making me snuffle awkwardly through my nose. It was only a brief taste, pun intended, of reciprocated oral pleasure. But I loved his rapt expression, the tension in his restrained movements… this was an act I vowed to master. I could feel the control I had over him, for the first time, I could feel the power in me, the power to bend him to my will, to my desires.
He withdrew, all too soon, and I felt cheated of my chance to savoir that power, to return the pleasure his tongue had given me. He knelt once more, and raised my thighs as before. The difference this time was the ridged, upward curving hardness nuzzling the fleshy gates of my damp flower. He took his time, the slippery length rubbing back and forth along my cleft, clearly enjoying the feel of me. His face was intense, rapt - as if he was trying to burn the memory of me in his synapses – to replay at his leisure. I was afire with anticipation, with a hungry longing that is impossible to put into words. I found my voice, a slurred and throaty stranger’s voice, and whispered, “Please… please hurry. I want you.” I could sense the burn as my ears coloured at those wicked words.
Then the blunt wedge of him was pushing past my over lubricated portal, pressing into me, filling me. Belatedly fear blossomed in my traditionally heaving breast once more. He was too much, it was going to hurt. What if he got me pregnant. Oh God… what a time to think about the practicalities.
“Don’t”, I sobbed and he paused. Brows furrowed in concern. I panted, gathering my courage. I wanted this. Of course he will fit, I was made for this. The tip of cock throbbed and burned at the very mouth of my vagina. Pregnancy.
“Please… don’t cum in me…” I managed to whisper.
His smile was one of relief, of concern. His voice was warm, serious.
“Don’t worry – not a part of my master plan.”
His impaling spike pressed deeper. I whimpered, feeling my body tensing around him and he would pause again, his hands and mouth caressing me, and as I relaxed a little, he slipped deeper. I was stretched and filled with an alien hardness, and he took a lifetime to enter me that first time. Every nerve ending I possessed seemed to be concentrated between my thighs. There was no pain, a moment or two of mild discomfort, my body did what it was designed to do. And then my concentrated senses felt the feathery brush of curly hairs as his balls tickled my ass - and he was hilt deep inside my body. I had six inches of hard cock snugly buried inside me for the first time… and it felt good. So good.
“Don’t move. Let me feel you.” I whispered. Then giggled as I felt his length pulse inside me.
“Did you do that?”
“Hm”, grunted softly and he did it again. I loved that sensation. I tensed myself and tried to squeeze him back.
“Feel that?” He kissed me, then whispered, “Just don’t have a coughing fit”. I found that hilarious and laughed aloud. I could feel myself clench around him and it made him groan theatrically. Then, in one smooth motion he withdrew from me, almost fully outside me, forcing a whimpering moan from me… it felt like… like a yawning emptiness, like hunger… or as if he was turning me inside out… I just started to speak, to tell him to stay in me when he filled me again. His full length sliding deep into me, his balls swinging to thud gently against my exposed bottom. My words vanished in a gasping rush of expelled air. Then he stilled, and throbbed, basking in my liquid embrace. “Do it again.” I urged. And he did… Oh God he did. Again and again and again. My world dissolved into sensory overload once more, as he hunched over me, driving his hardness into me. I remember my thighs trying to lock around his torso, my heels drumming against him. I remember the steady rhythmic slap of his balls against me, his thumb on my clitoris, his mouth clamped over one nipple then the other… I tugged at his hair, groped for his ass and drummed my fists on his shoulders. He paused, deep in me. New tempo, shallower, gentler… now pressing kind of sideways, a twisting motion that seemed to churn my insides into a knot of pleasure. Then the angle changed, plunging in more vertical, then shallow, touching different places inside me. Then back into the steady back and forth, full length plunges that made my head feel like it was going to explode. Rippling waves of unsuspected pleasure wracked my body once more… Then he was rearing up, his cock springing free of my sex. It looked painfully swollen, shiny with my cum. His face was screwed up in the agony of unbearable pleasure. He was about to cum! I grasped the jerking, slippery length just as I felt the first pulse of semen along the shaft – and the creamy jet spat from the winking eye, over my sweaty mound and the tangled rope of my skirt. His own hand quickly covered mine, as he guided me in that rapid back and forth action of male masturbation. I struggled to lean hungrily forward, and as he pressed forward, over me, a second spurt landed on my spit covered breasts. Finally, in a backbreaking stretch, I had his cock to my lips. He spat one more tiny dollop onto my tongue and I savoured my first taste of semen. And of me. Sugar and spice, and a touch of the sea. My inner self gloated.
I had done it… and inside I revelled in my new found powers. I lay back in the sofa, enveloped in a fog of warm contentment, as he lazily massaged the splatters of aromatic fluid into my breasts and mons. I savoured our mingled flavours and enjoyed his devotions. I was relaxed and comfortable, letting him gently remove my blouse and stained skirt with a childlike passivity. I loved the gentle crush of his hugs, his hungry kisses on my lips and neck. The length of his naked body entwined with mine as we lay along the sofa. I could feel his hardness stiring against my flank and reached for him, wrapping my hands around the shaft. He shifted slightly to allow me better access, and then slipped a hand between my thighs. I winced slightly, suddenly aware of the tenderness in my new pussy. We lay a while, and he seemed as hard as ever. I was slippery wet, with seemingly endless supply of honey from my overflowing pot. A thought began to grow… dare I? Hell yes!
“Again. Do it again.”
That gentle laugh held no mockery to my ears this time. I heard the pleasure, the pride in it. “I thought you’d never ask”. He rose, pulling free of my hand, and I rolled me onto my back. I watched his eyes widen in appreciation as I exposed my newly sucked, newly fucked, bald, smooth lipped furrow to his gaze. Having so recently filled that crack with tongue and fingers and hard pumping cock, his adoration bathed me in a warm glow all over again.
“Eat it.” I growled. And he did. I lost all restraint, fingers tangled in his hair, hips bucking. Somewhere in the midst of my gut clenching orgasm I could feel his thumb slide into my ass. An hour ago I would have died of shame. Now? Now I wondered what his cock would feel like buried in that tight, tingling orifice. The throes subsided, a lazy post climactic warmth flooded me, his tongue reduced to a the occasional pleasurable, lazy laps along my splayed labia. He rose onto his knees once more, the lower half of his face glistening with spit and pussy juice.
“Turn over.” Why? Was my initial thought. Then mentally I shrugged, whatever he wanted. I rolled over, and it was only when he raised my hips, and nudged my thighs wide, so that I ended up with one foot stretched out and resting on the floor, the other kneeling on the sofa, did I understand. Sure. It was a position I had seen illustrated – doggy, rear entry. I gripped the cushion and waited. It felt pretty good already… kind of submissive, animalistic. His kiss my proffered behind, then licked at me. He bit my ass! Then kissed the glowing spot. It was a weird feeling, his mouth and tongue on my ass, and poking my pussy from behind. Nice weird. But a tease – I was confident enough now to wriggle my behind at him, and he quickly took the hint. Oh god – I didn’t know it could keep getting better. No slowly, slowly teasing this time – his cock parted my pouting lips and drove deeply into me from behind. He went deeper into me than ever, and touched something deep in my body that simply drove me wild, and actually saw spots swim before my widen opened eyes. Adding to the effect, his balls now swung against the fully parted front of my pussy and clitoris… hard and fast doggy style moved to top of my wish list. I was rocked forward, and found myself pushing back against his thrusts, trying to drive him deeper. He just kept fucking me… I lost all track of time, all control of my senses, burying my face in a cushion and simply lost myself. At some point, his hard thrusts collapsed me onto my stomach, my ass staying raised to accept him. I think I was yelling into the pillow through most of it. A lifetime later I became aware the rapid pounding of my abused little pussy was abating, I could hear his breathing, catching, kind of gulping… then he withdrew from me, once more leaving that emptiness… although by now, there was a certain tenderness that made it more endurable. The hard slippery bar of his cock slid up the crease of my ass, his hands spreading my behind trembled with tension and I knew he was about to cum. I thought about his thumb in my ass, and the hot pressure of his pulsating shaft rubbing over my tight, sensitive opening.
“Cum in my ass”, I croaked at him. I still feel like blushing with shame at those shameless words. But by now I just wanted to feel him inside me, feeling his pleasure as he had felt mine, accepting him, gripping him. I think I felt his jet of cum on my knotted sphincter even as the blunt, juice coated wedge of his glans pressed into me. I was as orgasmicaly relaxed as I have ever been. My overflowing fluids and probably his semen lubricated his entrance and apart from a momentary uncomfortable expansion it felt nothing but wonderfully fulfilling. My wide stretched anus tingled as if it was on fire, not painfully, just an intense tingle. A wave of pleasure washed over me. A had a corner of the cushion in my mouth, biting, yelling into it. The tight grasp of my sphincter muscle could feel every pulsating jet, as came in my ass, collapsing over me. He grunted in orgasmic ecstasy into my tangled hair. In a series of twitching thrusts, he forced the full length of his engorged shaft deep, so deep, into my ass. He bucked and jerked on my back, groaning as he emptied himself. The waves of pleasure intensified, each pulse of semen down the impaling shaft set off coloured stars behind me eyes.
Still at last, he lay heavy on me, a comforting weight the I dreaded leaving me. His cock twitched sleeping deep inside me, and I playfully wriggled my ass, and drew a tired chuckle from him. He nibbled at my ear, and seemed as unwilling to move as I. He cooled, his hardness gradually softened, and shrank still gripped tightly by my body. I think I dozed off, awaking with a start as his diminished organ slipped easily free of me. I shivered, missing his warmth from my back.
“Sorry, sweet. It’s late and we must clean up before heading back. There’s a shower, and hot water.” I was compliant, and did as he bid in a kind of waking dream. He carried me, so easily in his arms, and he washed me in the shower. Thoroughly. I tried to take him in my mouth at one point, but he gently resisted.
“Later”. And I nodded agreeably.
I let him dress me, watching him dab ineffectively at the semen stains on my skirt. All I could see was that expression of adoration as he gazed upon my naked body. He was mine now… and I knew how to bend him to my will.
“You ok?” he asked, concern in his voice. I gave head a shake.
“Oh, yes. Everything’s fine. Wonderful in fact.”
The End

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